Are you looking for exceptional service and competitive banking rates? Well look no further, AMP Bank offer all of this and switching is easy. Get started and discover the possibilities with AMP Bank today.

Need help ?

We understand switching banks can feel like a lot of work because of your regular payments but we want you to know that we are able to help you with these. We also have a range of forms to help you if you prefer to do it yourself.

We can help you switch

The process for us helping you switch

  1. Open an account with AMP Bank
    Apply for an account with us.
  2. Complete the Switch of Regular Payment Arrangements form
    This will give us authority to obtain information from your existing bank.
  3. We will find out what payments you have
    We will obtain a list or your regular payments used with your old account and provide this to you.
  4. Complete a Schedule of Direct Debits or Direct Credits for notice of variation of accounts details form
    You may need to complete several of these as we will send one to each of the companies you have regular payments with.
  5. Complete a Notice of variation of account details form
    You will be required to complete the form to allow us to contact each of the companies on the list.
  6. We will notify the companies for you
    Return completed Schedule of Direct Debits or Direct Credits for notice of variation of account details form and Notice of Variation of     account details forms to us and we will forward them to the companies with your new bank account details.

You may prefer to complete the switch yourself

Tips on switching

  1. Open an account with us
    Apply for an account or talk to us.
  2. Set up your regular payments and periodicals
    Go through your old bank statements to find out where your direct debits and credits are going (these may include rent, phone bills or electricity bills).
    Ask your current financial institution if they can help you with this task.
    You will need to contact each institution you have a payment with to change the details to your new AMP Bank account.
  3. Close your old account
    Once you've waited a couple of months for all your existing payments to be drawn out of your old account, contact the financial institution and cancel the account.

Easy! Now you can enjoy all the convenience and benefits of being with AMP Bank.

If you need help, please call us on 13 30 30 Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm (AEST) Saturday to Sunday 9am - 5pm (AEST)


What things to keep in mind when switching my accounts?

  • While we've taken care to prepare the list, please note that it may not be complete (eg it may not include all regular or one-off payments).
  • Some cancelled arrangements may be included in the list.
  • Direct entry users (i.e. the provider or merchant) may take some time to process your switching notification.
  • Some direct entry users need a certain amount of notice before the billing date to process a change to bank details. This means your switching notice may not be applied until the next billing cycle.
  • You should keep enough money in your current account until all requested regular payments have been transferred to the new account.
  • Our switching service only applies to direct debit and direct credit arrangements. It doesn't apply to periodical payments, BPAY payments, pay anyone banking facility payments, scheme debit card arrangements and scheme credit card arrangements.
  • You'll need to switch your own pay anyone banking facility payments by re-entering these payments in your online banking account.
  • You're responsible for switching your own scheme debit card or credit card arrangements by giving your new debit card or credit card details to your provider or merchant.

What bank account should I switch to?

This will depend on your personal needs. Explore our bank account options available to help you choose an account.

How do I open a bank account online?

Once you have decided on an account you’d like to open, simply select the ‘Apply Now’ button under the specific product account and follow the prompts.

Is there a cost for AMP Bank to help me switch my Direct Debits and Credits to AMP Bank?

No. It’s a free service.

Can AMP Bank help me close my other financial institution bank account?

No. You’ll need to contact your other financial institution directly to close your account/s.

How can I switch my existing Direct Debits and Credits to AMP Bank?

Refer to above section ‘We can help you switch’ for the steps on how AMP Bank can help you switch existing Direct Debits & Credits to us.

How do I switch my salary?

You’ll need to update your employer. To change the bank details for your pay, contact your payroll team directly.

Important information

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