The advice landscape has changed over the years with more demands on practices and advisers. In the face of that change, AMP Advice has evolved to meet the needs of today’s complex Advice businesses. We pride ourselves on offering our network of practices the strength and safety of a big institution, combined with the partnership and approachability of a smaller business.


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We offer expert, personal and forward-thinking support and experience to help you:

Deliver best-in-class advice experiences for your clients.

Achieve your business ambition, whatever that may be.

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Licensing solutions

AMP Advice offers both licensed and self-licensed support to suit your practice needs. Whether you’re looking to grow or evolve your business by partnering with the right licensee or you’re a self-licensed business (or considering becoming one) seeking assistance with your Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL)  or Australian Credit Licence (ACL) obligations, we offer a range of solutions to suit your practice requirements.



Are you looking to grow or evolve your business by  partnering with the right licensee?



Are you a self-licensed business (or considering becoming one) needing help with your AFSL or ACL obligations?​



We help you deliver best-in-class advice experiences

Our scale and experience has enabled us to create and deliver services across five service pillars to support your advice. The services are delivered by experts to help you drive more efficiency in your business and provide more value to your clients.

Five pillars of support

​We offer services to bolster your advice across five pillars of support.

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Supporting your business ambition

We take great pride in investing in our practice management support capability. We partner with you to help create clarity around your business ambition.​ Whether you want to 'spark' your growth, improve business efficiency or are unsure where to start to get your practice on track, the Spark practice management framework can help.



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Recent news

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AMP releases Digital Advice Market Scan

AMP has today released its Digital Financial Advice Market Scan, a report examining the current digital advice landscape in Australia.

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AMP Advice strengthens licensee offer by partnering with FinTech Frollo

AMP has partnered with Frollo to provide financial advisers, mortgage brokers and their clients with access to Frollo’s Open Banking technology and money management app.

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Quality of Advice Review Final Report

AMP's Director of Advice Matt Lawler comments on the release of the Quality of Advice Review Final Report.

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