5 steps to find your super

If you have an AMP super account, we can help you discover if there’s any other super accounts with your name on it.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Login or register for My AMP
  2. Follow the search for my super link
  3. Complete a quick security check (This is required by the government– you’ll need two types of ID, like your licence, passport or Medicare number)
  4. Provide consent for the use of your Tax File Number
  5. Get your results in My AMP

Find your super

You can also use the ATO’s super search services directly. Learn more

What happens next? 

Once the results are ready, we’ll explain some options for next steps – for example, you may want to bring it together (consolidate) into an active super account (account that receives regular contributions).

It’s a good idea to take time to consider your results and get more information from your super providers before deciding what’s right for you. Some things to think about for each of your different accounts include benefits, features or insurance you may lose if you choose to consolidate.

Learn more about consolidation

How does super go missing?

In the past, people may have lost track of super when they changed jobs. Particularly if the super contributions from their new job were paid into their new employer’s super fund and they didn’t transfer funds from their previous super account.

The good news is that this is less likely to be an issue these days. On 1 November 2021 new laws came in that make it harder to lose track of your super. The laws mean you’ll generally take your super account with you when you change jobs, rather than have a new account automatically opened up for you.

Super can also become lost or unclaimed if a person’s previous super funds don’t have their latest address, email or phone number on file. If you have an AMP super account, you can update your contact details in My AMP.

The difference between lost and unclaimed super 

Lost super

Your super fund will generally report you as a lost member to the ATO if 2:

  • you’re uncontactable and your account hasn’t received a contribution or rollover in the last 12 months, or
  • you joined an employer super plan and the fund has not received a contribution or rollover for you in the last five years.
  • your account has been transferred by another super fund as a lost member account.

Unclaimed super

Your super fund is required to transfer your super to the ATO (to hold on your behalf), if it becomes unclaimed super. Your super fund will generally do this if you:

  • are over 65 years old, the fund has not received an amount on your behalf in the last two years and has been unable to contact you for five years
  • have passed-away, the fund hasn’t received an amount on your behalf in the last two years and they’ve been unable to pay the benefit to the person entitled to receive it
  • are a former temporary Australian resident, and at least six months have passed since the later of the date you left Australia or the date your visa expired
  • are entitled to be paid an amount as a result of a family law superannuation split, and the fund is unable to make sure you or your legal personal representative receive the amount
  • are a lost member whose account balance is less than $6,000
  • the fund has not received an amount on your behalf in the last 16 months, you don’t have insurance inside your super and your account balance is less than $6,000 (other exclusions may apply) Learn more
  • are a member, former member or non-member spouse of a member or former member, and the fund believes it would be in your best interests to pay your super to the ATO.

Reasons to find your super today

A lost or unclaimed account could have quite a bit of money in it, particularly if it’s had investment earnings while invested and held by your super fund. Plus, if you reclaim it before it’s sent to the ATO, there could be added benefits like:

  • you may not lose any insurance cover you may have inside your super (which you will if it’s transferred to the ATO)
  • earnings on investments may be more favourable. This is because if your account is taken by the ATO, interest will be calculated using the consumer price index (CPI).

Speak to a super coach

If you have an AMP super account, you can learn more about your super by booking a 20-minute session with one of our super coaches.

What you need to know

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