Explore your goals

Have you ever visualised your goals? Seen them so clearly, you could almost touch them…

Using our innovative and interactive digital screen technology, you’ll be able to see your goals, touch them, move them around and prioritise them so the picture you create is the future you’ve dreamed about. You’ll be guided by a goals coach who at the end of your session will present you with a Goals summary - a snapshot of the goals you’ve provided to us. The next stage is planning the steps you’ll need to take to make it come alive.


AMP Goals 360 - explore, plan, track and realise your goals


Plan to achieve

Knowing where you want to get to will help you understand how to get there. One of our experienced financial advisers will delve deeper to understand you, your life stage and your finances to pinpoint where you're starting from. Using their expertise, they'll highlight the steps you'll need to take to reach the goals you've set. This is called the Advice Exploration summary, it is a set of broad recommendations for you to consider. It's financial advice, with you at the centre. Which steps you take is up to you.

Staying on track

Staying on track and focused on your goals is easier when you have someone by your side. Having a financial adviser alongside you, to check in with, keep you motivated and moving in the right direction – is important to success. Yearly checks to review how markets are moving and your plans are tracking, means you're in the position to adjust and act, instead of react. You'll feel in control and confident that you're still on the right path towards your goals.

Realise your goals. Create your future

We're excited by how many of our clients are responding to the AMP Goals 360 experience. Seeing their goals visualised has given them the motivation they've needed to plan, track and realise their goals for a better tomorrow.

For a limited time only, we're offering complimentary exploration sessions, which includes the Goals and Advice Exploration summaries, normally valued at $350. No cost. No obligation.

AMP Goals 360 is available through a select number of AMP AdviceTM practices.

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