In person

Talking face-to-face to your financial adviser can help you get to know each other. Meetings usually happen at their office, but some advisers can visit you at home – it’ll depend on the service they offer.

This option may suit you if:

  • you enjoy talking to someone in person
  • you have time to travel to and from appointments, and
  • you’re looking for scoped or comprehensive advice.

Note: While the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions are in place many advisers are offering online or virtual face-to-face meetings.

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Talking to your financial adviser over the phone works for a lot of people. Phone-based advisers are usually skilled in building rapport quickly and clients enjoy the convenience it offers. They provide a service that can lower cost, particularly if you have only one or two issues in which you would like advice. It’s a good choice if you don’t have time to visit an office, live in a remote area of if travelling isn’t easy eg if you have a disability.

This option may suit you if:

  • you enjoy talking to people over the phone
  • you have one or two areas you want advice on
  • it’s difficult to travel to and from meetings, or
  • you want flexibility and appointment times that suit you.

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