Competitive market rates

Lock in a great rate and know what you'll earn with deposits starting at $5,000, plus pay no monthly fees.               

Made flexible for you

Terms available from 30 days to five years, multiple interest payment options and simple roll-over process.

Government guarantee

Combined deposits up to $250,000 per customer are protected by the Australian Government guarantee.
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Choose the right term deposit

For instance, we currently offer:

0.30% pa  for deposits over $25,000 for a term of 3 months
0.65% pa  for deposits over $25,000 for a term of 6 months
0.80% pa  for deposits over $25,000 for a term of 12 months

Rates effective 20 September 2021. Please check out the full range of term deposits and interest rates. 

How term deposits work

Saving for something big? Have you received a lump sum of money that you're keen to put away? A term deposit can be an ideal way to save for a specific goal, as it's enables you to invest and get a guaranteed return, which will be based on the amount you invest and the interest rate on the day you open your term deposit.

Instead of leaving your money in a transaction account earning little or no interest (and where you may be tempted to use it), why not put your funds away for a period of time that you get to choose and which will earn you a return at the end? This could help you achieve your goals faster, whether it’s putting a deposit on a new home, buying a car or planning a holiday.

It's important to think carefully when choosing your term duration as you need to provide 31 days' notice if you want to access the money earlier than the selected term. Talk to a financial adviser to see what kind of saving strategy works best for you.

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