Finding a financial adviser

  • A simple way to find a financial adviser authorised by AMP is through our search function here.
  • Convenience is an important factor, but the quality of the relationship and advice you receive is even more important.
  • AMP has financial advisers all over Australia. We provide training, support, research and ongoing development to help ensure our advisers are equipped with the knowledge, expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. 


Meeting with an adviser

It’s important to feel comfortable when meeting a financial adviser for the first time. After all, you’re about to take a journey with someone you haven’t met before. You’re about to tell them your hopes, goals and dreams and open up your finances to them. It helps knowing what will happen when you’re going for financial advice. Here is what you can expect when you take the first step on your financial journey.

Telling your story

You’ll be asked to bring along documents which will help paint a picture of what your financial situation is, and you’ll be asked lots of questions about yourself: where you’re at (your life-stage) what your goals are, how comfortable you are with risk and what your priorities are. A good financial adviser will put your goals first and build their advice around what you want to achieve, within your comfort levels.

Ask lots of questions

This is like an interview, where you’re deciding if you want to engage this adviser to help you realise your goals.

Decide on the scope

If you haven’t already decided, you should agree on the scope of the advice you’re going to need. It might be setting up a way to save for your children’s education, your retirement or the best way to set up a self-managed super fund. The financial adviser will provide information on the costs involved for the defined scope. They will provide you with a Financial Services Guide which explains the financial advice services that the adviser provides.

We have more information on the different types of fees for financial advice here.

Take the time to consider

Now you know the scope of the advice and the costs involved, it’s time to consider if you want your adviser to proceed and prepare a Statement of Advice (SOA) which will take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months to compile as it’s an in-depth and thorough document.

Review your Statement of Advice

This is it – your financial plan. You’ll be presented with a comprehensive document detailing a suggested financial plan to reach your personal and financial goals. It will recommend the steps, the strategies and solutions to help you get there. Sometimes an adviser may also provide you with a record of advice where appropriate. Take your time to review it and ask lots of questions – of yourself and your adviser. Does it feel right? Are you ready to commit? Remember, you decide which steps to take or to ignore.

Putting your plan into play

Once you’ve decided which recommendations you’re ready to take, talk to your adviser about your choices and how to implement them. They can help take a lot of the legwork out of the paperwork process although you will need to sign them personally and ensure all the information is correct. 

Case study:

The ballad of Les and Carolyn

Les decided on a change of pace when he bought a milk run, with his wife Carol, in the 80s; then the industry was deregulated. Supermarkets started selling milk cheaply and they were forced to join a franchise.

It was a whole new world of challenges for this couple who were hoping to build a business they could sell in the future. Things went from bad to worse when their truck broke down and Les had a heart attack. They had a home loan, business loan and two children to bring up.

“I thought to myself, ‘My God, where are we going?’” said Les.

That was when they decided to seek some financial advice. They met with Greg and Mark of Coral Coast Financial Planning. They liked their positivity and the ‘reassuring way’ they presented options.

“It made us feel really comfortable,” Les explained.

“Our retirement is more enjoyable because we've been able to achieve the goals that we had,” added Carol.

They’ve now retired and enjoy their days together, which involve long walks, travel, social gatherings and swimming in their own pool.

“As I was told by my father, he said ‘Mate life is like climbing a ladder,’” Les recounted. “’Always look up and never look back.’” And they never have. 

The above case study is based on real customers.

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