We’ve made it our mission to uncover how Australians feel about their finances

Every two years we conduct a large-scale body of research which seeks to understand Australian financial wellness, the insights from which we compile into a detailed report.

Asking a range of questions covering mental health, management of finances, attitudes towards employers and productivity, and concerns surrounding retirement, we dig deep to better understand, not only our customers, but broader trends across Australia.


What does the research tell us about employees?

Australians prevented from working productively

21% of Australians are prevented from working productively due to financial stress

$66.8bn in lost revenue

$66.8bn in economic revenue is being lost annually due to financial stress

Telecommunications and Information Media industries most distracted

Those working in the Telecommunications and Information Media industries spend the most work hours on their finances

18 – 29-year-olds are most impacted

18 – 29-year-olds' productivity is most impacted by financial stress

How are Australians responding to financial stress?

This year our research has revealed that financial stress levels have increased and are back to what we saw in 2014. 

We can also see that psychological wellbeing; employee engagement and employee performance are all trending down. Fortunately, our research has also revealed the main factors influencing these scores and allowed us to see trends across ages, genders, industries, and income levels.

We have compiled a number of educational resources for you to use with, and distribute amongst, your staff. These resources are designed to help support Australians struggling with their financial wellness and include whitelabel articles you can re-brand and use across your business, and guides that outline step-by-step actions that can be taken by your employees today.

Financial Wellness Index

Financial Wellness report
Dig into the detail and read our full Financial Wellness report.

Financial wellness calculator

Download our calculator to input your specific staff demographics and see the research and results most relevant to your business.

Whitelabel articles you can download and rebrand

Are you in a 'hot state' with your finances?

If you make irrational decisions without thinking them through you might be in a 'hot state'.

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Blue collar or white collar?

How does the industry you work in impact your financial wellbeing?


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Different strokes for different folks

What personal financial profile are you?

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Financial wellness over the years

A look at how world events have impacted financial wellness.

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How much super should you have?

Find out how much super you should have according to your age bracket.

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How super can help you retire right

There are many upsides to growing your super.

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Financial wellness and women

Women have been disproportionately affected by financial stress. 

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What you should be doing for your finances at your age

Actions you should be taking according to your age.

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Educational guides for your staff

Access and download our detailed action guides for your staff.

Managing debt

Access our guide on managing debt, it includes actionable steps, case studies and tools.

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Managing money

Access our guide on managing money, it includes actionable steps, case studies and tools.

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Managing property

Access our guide on managing property, it includes actionable steps, case studies and tools.

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Access our guide on planning for retirement, it includes actionable steps, case studies and tools.

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