Features & benefits

Helping you own tomorrow

With AMP you will be a member of one of Australia's largest super providers1.

Wide range of investments

You have the control to either select a simple, low-cost investment option or a range of leading-edge funds.

Tailor your insurance as you go

You can choose the type and level of insurance you need. And if your life and needs changes, you can apply for more.

Only pay for what you need

You're in control – choose a no-frills low-cost super account or one that offers specialised investments and comprehensive insurance.

Easy to take from job to job

A super fund for life that’s easy to take from your first job, through your working life and into retirement.

Simple online & mobile access

Monitor and manage your super simply and securely, while at your desk or on the move, with My AMP and our mobile app.


  • Free super search & consolidate service
  • Unlimited, free investment switches
  • Insurance options to help look after you and your family
  • Access to expert help

Flexible investment options

AMP Flexible Super gives you the flexibility and control to choose from different approaches to investing to cater for your individual investment style.

  1. AMP MySuper investment option - a lifecycle solution - the AMP MySuper investment option takes the hard work out of deciding how to invest your super, by providing the simplicity of a single investment option tailored for your age group. During your younger years the investment strategy seeks higher returns through greater exposure to growth assets such as shares. As you approach retirement, the investment aim is to reduce risk and preserve capital, so the asset allocation mix shifts to more stable defensive assets. This option is suitable for members who do not want to actively choose an investment mix and who are seeking to grow their super.
  2. Choose your own investment options - best suited for those who want to select their own risk level and take greater control of their super. You can select up to 15 investment options from our full range of over 70 options including individual funds and diversified multi-manager options. Learn more in our investment options fact sheet.

You can also use our 'what investor style am I?' simulator to help you work out what sort of investor you are. 

After you open your account it’s easy to switch your investment options at any time as your life or investment goals change, and you won't be charged any switching fees. Simply log in to My AMP

Insurance included

Within AMP Flexible Super, you can choose the type and level of insurance you need. And if life changes, you can always apply for more cover.

Why insure through super?

  • It can be a tax effective option to protect you and your family should the unthinkable happen.
  • Pay premiums directly from your super account, so you don’t have to dip into your take-home pay.

AMP Flexible Super offers two personal insurance products:

1. Essential Protection

  • Life insurance is quick and easy to apply for when you open your account online. Essential protection can give you death cover (including terminal illness) up to $250,000.
  • Essential Protection also offers total and permanent disablement (TPD) cover up to $250,000 which you can apply for after opening your super account.

2. Super Protection

  • Offers higher levels of death and permanent incapacity cover (over $250,000), as well as temporary incapacity cover.
  • If you request death cover over $250,000 in our online application form we'll give you a call to set this up.

Setting you up for retirement

AMP Flexible Super is one product which can help you look after your retirement needs, from your first job, through your working life and into retirement.

Your AMP Flexible Super account is designed to help you save for retirement. If you're close to retirement and working less than you used to, you can use AMP Flexible Super to start your transition to retirement.

Once you're in retirement, you can use your super savings in a simple and tax-effective way to provide you with a regular income stream (allocated pension / account based pension). Learn more about AMP Flexible Super - Retirement account or speak to a financial adviser.

Investment performance

For more detail on the performance of other investment options and to stay up to date, refer to the performance and unit prices. Or you can refer to the MySuper dashboard to help you compare our option with other MySuper products.

Competitive fees & charges2

Your Flexible Super account can be a simple, no-frills, low-cost super account, or it can be the super which offers you plenty of specialised investment choices plus comprehensive insurance with income protection. It’s flexible and completely up to you. Note that the new fees are now reflected as monthly (not weekly).

Fee AMP Lifecycle MySuper Super Easy LifeStages Choose your own mix
 Investment fee (i)  0.30% 0.10% to 0.20% 0.00% to 1.90%
Administration fee 0.29% 0.50% (ii) 0.25% to 0.85% (ii)
Member fee  $7.57 per month(iii) $7.57 to $10.08 per month $7.57 to $12.65 per month
Switching fee Nil Nil Nil
Transaction cost allowance (iv) 0 to +/- 0–0.52%
0 to +/- 0–0.34%
0 to +/- 0–1.90%
Advice fee for personal advice  As agreed between you and your financial adviser
Insurance fees  Insurance premiums will apply if you have insurance cover
Indirect cost ratio (v) 0.28% to 0.41%
0.05% to 0.08%
0.00% to 1.64%

(i) For certain investment options, the investment fee may include estimates of amounts deducted from underlying investments including amounts charged on the gross assets of the underlying investment. These estimated amounts may vary and as a result the investment fee for these investment options may be more or less than the amounts shown which are based on the known actual or estimated costs incurred for the last financial year. Past costs are not a reliable indicator of future costs.

(ii) You may qualify for an administration fee rebate. Please refer to the Getting to know your AMP Flexible Super fact sheet for more detail.

(iii) If you invest your super account wholly in the AMP Lifecycle MySuper option, you will pay the MySuper fees only. If you choose to hold both AMP Lifecycle MySuper and other options, you will pay the MySuper Member fee, plus any excess of the other relevant Member fee.

(iv) The range shown here is based on the latest information available to us as at 15 May 2020. The transaction cost allowance can change at any time and may exceed the maximum amount shown.

(v) Costs are variable and may be more or less than the estimated amounts shown which are based on the known actual or estimated costs incurred for the last financial year. Past costs are not a reliable indicator of future costs.

Learn more about the fees in the Product Disclosure Statement and Getting to know your AMP Flexible Super fact sheet

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How do I find my lost super or combine my super accounts? 

  • Looking to bring all your super into your AMP Flexible Super account? We’ve made it easier than ever to help you bring your super together for free – including any you’ve lost along the way. You can choose to do this during the Flexible Super application or afterwards when you log in to My AMP. All you need is an AMP Flexible Super account to get started.
  • Important: Before consolidating, you need to consider how your existing super accounts compare to AMP Flexible Super, whether any exit fees apply and what effect consolidating will have on any insurance cover.

How do I tell my employer to pay my super contributions into my super account?

  • To instruct your employer to pay your super contributions into your AMP Flexible Super account you need to send them a Choice of Fund form.
  • Choice of Fund forms can be found in your Welcome Pack, in My AMP under your Forms & Documents section or simply download a partly pre-filled form using our Choice of Fund form generator.
  • If you have any questions about completing this form, please contact us on 131 267.

How can I make contributions to my super account?

How do I register for My AMP?

How can I change my investment options?

It’s easy to change your investment options as life changes in My AMP. You can do this any time and you won’t be charged any switching fees.

How can I apply for more insurance?

Please contact us on 131 267 if you would like to apply for more insurance cover.

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Important Information

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1 AMP has the second largest market share by assets under management at aggregate level for retail super and corporate super and industry funds. Strategic Insight, Marketer View – Retail managed funds, December 2018.

AMP Flexible Super was awarded the SuperRatings Gold 2019 MyChoice Super rating for Core, Select & Choice Packages and 5 Heron Quality Stars for the 2019 calendar year.SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product. Go to https://www.superratings.com.au for details.

® AMP Flexible Super is a registered trademark of AMP Limited ABN 49 079 354 519.