When you (or your employer) put money into your super account, it gets invested for you, aiming to help your super balance grow over the longer term.

This means all Australians with super are investors. In fact, super plays a huge part in the Australian economy. In March 2021 there was over $465 billion of super invested in the Australian share market1.

Who invests your super?

Your super account is overseen by a trustee. Their job is to make sure the super fund is managed in the best interests of its members.

One of their jobs is to select investment managers, who do the investing on your behalf.

Growth on top of growth

A very big part of growing your super savings is known as the compounding effect of investing. It’s really important because any money your super earns through its investments, will be reinvested, aiming to create additional earnings over time.
This means your super balance can grow faster – a bit like a savings snowball effect.

Markets do go up and down, so it’s not always the case, but it’s generally accepted that the longer your super is invested, the more likely you’ll see a bigger super balance.

This chart is a demonstration only and doesn’t reflect actual super investments or their compounding growth. Remember the value of investments may go up and down and you may not get back the amount you invested.
Like an explanation of super investment mix options? Book a complimentary chat with a super coach.

How your AMP super is invested

Managing super

Super investments can be actively or passively managed. An actively managed fund means active decisions are made about how to invest your money, with the goal of outperforming the market. A passively managed fund aims to match the market. It’s seen as a low-cost way to generate returns over the long-term.

AMP has both options in their investment mix, which are available, depending on the type of super account you have.

Ethical investing

For good reason, many people want to make sure their super is being invested ethically.

NM Super, the trustee of AMP Super, considers environmental, social governance and other ethical matters when they assess investment option strategies managed by AMP Capital. They use the AMP Capital ESG and Responsible Investing Philosophy.

Our recent superannuation Annual Members Meeting answered a lot of questions about how AMP manages its investments. Read the questions and answers

Your investment choices

You can decide how you want your super to be invested.

Do it for me

MySuper was introduced by the government as a regulated, low cost investment option for people who don’t choose their own super investments.

Our MySuper option is called AMP MySuper Lifestage investments. Here, your super savings will be actively managed for you according to your age and time to retirement. In other words, younger investors will be invested into higher-growth investment strategies because they have more time until retirement to ride out volatility in the markets. Whereas those approaching retirement, will have their investments more focussed on preserving their money and reducing volatility risk.

Help me do it

You can decide to select your own risk level and take greater control of your super. You can select investments to reflect your preferred approach, including lifestage, active multi-manager, low cost passive and environmentally, socially and governance (ESG) focused options. A financial adviser can offer you advice about investment options and eligible members can also book a complimentary chat with a super coach.

See how your super is performing

If you have an AMP super account, you can view your investment performance in My AMP. 

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The latest MySuper investment market update

How to make an investment choice

If you’d like to change your investment choice, switching is easy.

Simply login to My AMP and go to super / investments. You can do this any time. You won’t be charged switching fees, however buy/sell spreads will still be part of the transaction costs.

A financial adviser can offer you advice about investment options.

Otherwise for a general overview of investment options, give us a call, or book a complimentary super health check.

Simple super investment advice

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