The following documents are the Financial Services Guide (FSG) for the respective entities. These guides will help you decide whether to use the financial services AMP provides. They explain:

  • the products and services we can offer you
  • how we are remunerated and
  • our internal and external compliants handling procedures should you need them

AMP Life Limited, part of the Resolution Life group

Important information

Before you are issued with one of our products you will receive a product disclosure statement (PDS), an investor directed portfolio service (IDPS) guide, terms & conditions or a similar type of document in most cases (disclosure document). The disclosure document contains information about the particular product to help you make an informed decision about that product. If you receive personal financial product advice from us or from one of our employees or representatives, you will normally be given a statement of advice (SOA). Personal financial product advice is advice that takes into account one or more of your objectives, financial situation and needs. The SOA will contain the advice, the basis on which the advice is given and information about fees, commissions and any associations which may have influenced the advice.