AMP Visa Debit Card Transaction Disputes

When you have authorised another person or company (merchant) to transact on an AMP Visa Debit card by providing your 16 digit card number, or used your card to make a point of sale purchase, you may be able to dispute a transaction. For example, you may be able to dispute a transaction where the merchant has not provided you with the goods and services. You may also dispute transactions made at an ATM.

Ensure that you keep all receipts and transaction records received from merchants, financial institutions and electronic equipment, and check the details and entries on each account statement for accuracy as soon as you receive it. If you have a complaint about goods or services charged to your card, you need to take up the complaint directly with the merchant first.

If you find a transaction on your account statement that you don't recognise, or believe has not been authorised, this may be a result of a number of things. Please go through the following steps before contacting AMP Bank. These may help you recognise the transaction or determine if the transaction is not valid.

Check your receipts and statements

Reconciling your receipts to your statement can often help clarify transactions, which is why we recommend you keep receipts as they help provide proof to purchase.

I don't recognise the name of the merchant

Some merchants use different trading names and location from what appears on your statement. This is especially prevalent for online merchants. Can you match up your receipts with the transaction amount on your statement? Do a quick internet search and contact the company to verify the trading name before lodging a transaction query.

The transaction date on my statement is different from the date on my receipt

There can be a day (often up to 7 days) between when you made the purchase and when it was charged to your account.

The amount charged on my statement is different from the amount on my receipt

This usually happens when the purchase was made overseas, or with a merchant that is located overseas. Check that the amount was not changed as a result of the currency exchange rate on an international transaction. Many taxi companies and other service companies also charge an additional surcharge for card purchases and the amount for the surcharge will appear on your statement and not your receipt. Please contact the merchant to clarify the transaction.

The goods or services I've paid for have not been received or rendered

Double check the expected delivery date, as you are unable to initiate a transaction dispute if this date has not yet passed. If you purchased goods from overseas, consider whether the goods could have been confiscated by Australian Customs. Refer to the Australian Customs website for more information.

I don't remember this transaction

Check your diary for any prompts of what the transaction could be. If your account is shared with an additional cardholder, check with them that they haven't made the purchase.

Contact the merchant directly

We will always work quickly to resolve your dispute transactions, however the dispute process involves AMP Bank working with you, the business or retailer where the transaction occurred, and their bank. As a result, the turnaround time can vary. You should contact the merchant directly to discuss your queries first. The merchant may be able to resolve your queries, including:

  • If the product was defective or not as described once you received it
  • Regular payments are still being charged after cancelling it with the merchant
  • You received a refund from the merchant however this has not been processed to your account
  • A purchase has been duplicated or the amount charged on your statement is different to your receipt
  • You did not receive the goods/services that you purchased
  • You paid by other means (cash, cheque, or alternate card)

If the merchant cannot assist with your query, contact us

If you have contacted the merchant and still cannot identify one or more transactions on your account, please call us immediately so we can investigate the issue. If required, your card/account will be blocked to prevent further unauthorised transactions from occurring.

For ATM and eftpos transactions (when you push either the 'cheque' or 'savings' buttons), customers are able to lodge their dispute by providing their details to a Customer Service Officer over the phone. Alternatively, please print and complete a Customer Investigation Request form which can be downloaded from and either fax or post it back to AMP Bank with the required documents and any other relevant information.

For Visa transactions (when you push the 'credit' button, purchase online, over the phone or through Contactless methods), customers must print and complete a Customer Investigation Request form which can be downloaded from and either fax or post it back to AMP Bank with the required documents and any other relevant information. Customers are unable to lodge the dispute over the phone. To enable your query to be actioned as quickly as possible, please ensure that you provide all relevant information and documents when raising your query, as outlined on the Customer Investigation Request

Required Information when making a dispute

Duplicate billing
  • A copy of the sales receipt and any other applicable documentation that will assist with your claim.
Incorrect amount charged
  • A copy of the sales receipt and any other applicable documentation that will assist with your claim.
Non-receipt of goods/services not rendered
  • Documents or receipts showing the expected delivery date
  • Documents proving that the services will not be rendered e.g. notice from merchant's liquidator, media coverage of bankruptcy
  • The date you tried to contact the merchant/liquidator and any written notice received
Refund/credit not processed
  • A copy of any document(s) that proves that the merchant received the returned merchandise e.g. credit transaction receipt issued by merchant, registered mail receipt, courier invoice signed by the merchant upon receipt of goods
Cancelled membership/subscription
  • The date that you attempted to cancel the authority.
  • A copy of your instructions to the merchant to cancel the authority. This may be a letter, fax or email.
  • The date you tried to contact the merchant to try and resolve the issue.
  • Note that a refund can only be requested if your account has been debited 15 calendar days the cancellation date.
ATM transaction not completed
  • A copy of the ATM receipt (if available)
  • Exact location, time of withdrawal and type (e.g. Westpac, Commonwealth)
Paid by other means
  • Proof of payment by other means. This may be a cash receipt, cardholder copy of 'other' credit/charge card transaction receipt.