Unit prices

Unit prices effective as at 23/05/2024

Multi Sector (Traditional)

Product Entry and exit prices
Conservative Index 2.27998
Future Directions Conservative 2.28864
Moderately Conservative
Future Directions Moderately Conservative 2.78323
Moderately Conservative Index 2.03366
Balanced Index 3.19175
Future Directions Balanced 3.39418
Pendal Sustainable Balanced 1.17412
Moderately Aggressive
Future Directions Growth 3.92735
Growth Index 2.79634
Future Directions High Growth 4.22733
High Growth Index 3.13284

MySuper Investments

Product Entry and exit prices
AMP MySuper 1950s 1.56697
AMP MySuper 1960s 1.77629
AMP MySuper 1970s 2.12701
AMP MySuper 1980s 2.18791
AMP MySuper 1990s Plus 2.15277
AMP MySuper Capital Stable 1.53171

Single Sector Investment Options

Product Entry and exit prices
Fixed Interest - Core Fixed Interest
Australian Fixed Interest Index 1.40418
Global Fixed Interest Index (Hedged) 1.41594
Specialist Diversified Fixed Income 1.13184
Australian Property Index 2.75028
Global Property Index (Hedged) 0.8405
Alternative Strategies
Global Listed Infrastructure Index (Hedged) 1.04039
Global Listed Infrastructure Index (Hedged) 1.04234
Equities - Australian Equities
Australian Share Index 5.18069
Specialist Australian Share 5.54377
Equities - Global Equities
International Share Index 4.40245
International Share Index (Hedged) 1.0906
Specialist International Share 4.67023
Specialist International Share (Hedged) 4.23575
Equities - Small Capitalisation Equities
Specialist Australian Small Companies 4.02595
Equities - Specialist Equities
Specialist Geared Australian Share 7.46966

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