Unit prices

Unit prices effective as at 24/01/2022

Multi Sector (Traditional)

Product Entry and exit prices
AMP Conservative 2.37888
Conservative Index 2.18105
Future Directions Conservative 2.21913
Cautious Index 1.6569
Moderately Conservative
AMP Moderate Growth 2.87678
Future Directions Moderately Conservative 2.62541
Moderately Conservative Index 1.9071
AMP Balanced Growth 3.36627
Balanced Index 2.87848
Future Directions Balanced 3.14065
Pendal Sustainable Balanced 1.07838
Moderately Aggressive
AMP High Growth 3.59832
Future Directions Growth 3.52873
Growth Index 2.44607
AMP All Growth 3.81345
Future Directions High Growth 3.71057
High Growth Index 2.6597

Multi Sector (Specialist)

Product Entry and exit prices
AMP Capital Multi-Asset 1.59009
Blackrock Global Allocation 1.78062
ipac Income Generator 1.78703
Schroder Real Return 1.35004

MySuper Investments

Product Entry and exit prices
AMP MySuper 1950s 1.4951
AMP MySuper 1960s 1.64059
AMP MySuper 1970s 1.87438
AMP MySuper 1980s 1.92918
AMP MySuper 1990s 1.89789
AMP MySuper Capital Stable 1.46488

Single Sector Investment Options

Product Entry and exit prices
Fixed Interest - Core Fixed Interest
AB Dynamic Global Fixed Income 1.08006
Australian Fixed Interest Index 1.45983
Bentham Global Income 1.22311
Global Fixed Interest Index (Hedged) 1.52524
Specialist Diversified Fixed Income 1.17748
Fixed Interest - Enhanced Fixed Interest
AMP Australian Bond 2.06046
AMP International Bond 2.0854
BlackRock Global Bond 1.8963
Future Directions Australian Bond 1.91013
Future Directions International Bond 1.91525
Macquarie Wholesale Fixed Interest Plus 1.76483
PIMCO Diversified Fixed Interest 1.29756
Schroder Fixed Income 1.47841
Fixed Interest - Credit & FI Trading Strategies
AMP Capital Corporate Bond 1.51788
Macquarie Income Opportunities 1.32705
AMP Capital Global Property Securities 2.5434
AMP Listed Property Trusts 2.68279
AMP Property Securities Index 2.24149
Australian Property Index 2.50689
Global Property Index (Hedged) 0.9928
Legg Mason Martin Currie Real Income 2.57263
Macquarie Property Securities 2.08101
Specialist Property and Infrastructure 2.68726
UBS CBRE Global Property Securities 1.47985
Alternative Strategies
Alternative Index 1.2469
AMP Capital Global Infrastructure Securities (Hedged) 1.79712
ClearBridge RARE Infrastructure Value 2.47995
Invesco Global Targeted Returns 0.93764
Equities - Australian Equities
Alphinity Australian Share 5.06463
AMP Australian Share 4.42363
AMP Capital Equity 1.54851
Ausbil Australian Active Equity 2.73434
Australian Share Index 4.29144
DNR Capital Australian Equities High Conviction 2.8978
Lazard Australian Equity 1.33764
Macquarie Bank Shares 9.7917
Pendal Australian Equity 2.51176
Perennial Value Australian Share 4.09217
Perennial Value Income Wealth Defender 2.04507
Perpetual Industrial Share 4.28925
Plato Australian Shares Income 1.95382
Schroder Australian Equities 4.84094
Specialist Australian Share 4.61089
Equities - Global Equities
AMP International Share 3.69567
Arrowstreet Global Equity 3.8819
BlackRock Scientific Hedged International Share 3.8441
BlackRock Scientific International Share 3.3519
Epoch Global Equity Shareholder Yield (Unhedged) 1.45889
Fidelity Global Equities 3.76452
International Share Index 3.49309
International Share Index (Hedged) 0.97393
Magellan Global 3.08538
Specialist International Share 3.64954
Specialist International Share (Hedged) 3.46624
Walter Scott Global Equity 3.69797
Zurich American Century Global Growth 2.04647
Equities - Small Capitalisation Equities
Lazard Global Small Cap 3.08736
Multi-Manager Australian Small Companies 2.97202
Specialist Australian Small Companies 4.05617
Equities - Specialist Equities
Aberdeen Standard Emerging Opportunities 2.0196
AMP Capital Equity Income Generator 1.5041
Antipodes Global 2.28392
Ausbil 130/30 Focus 2.25416
Future Directions Asian Share 2.44187
Future Directions Emerging Markets 1.61659
Future Directions Extended Markets International Share 2.91031
Legg Mason Martin Currie Equity Income 1.36246
Specialist Geared Australian Share 6.00441

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