Our scale and experience enable us to create and deliver services that are backed by a network of experts who have a deep understanding of their respective areas of advice delivery. They're supported by a dedicated and strategic Account Management team, who will work with you to understand your practice’s unique requirements.

Our five pillars of support

AMP's five pillars of support form the foundation of our approach, enabling us to empower your practice's growth and ensure client satisfaction.

We're committed to empowering your success. Through our five pillars of support, we provide the expertise, solutions, community, scalability, and security you need to thrive in the industry. See below for details on our support services aligned with each pillar:

Advice expertise

We have unparalleled expertise and experience in supporting advisers in the delivery of best practice advice.

Comprehensive APL
Our research offer includes industry leading platform, risk and wealth providers to suit your practice philosophy.

Simple and practical advice policies and guidelines
Access a complete set of policies that help you understand and meet all regulatory obligations. 

An integrated advice delivery system
Use technology to win back your most valuable currency – time. We can help you map out the best solutions for your business and upskill you in how to make the most of them through training, process mapping, benchmarking, tools and templates.

Industry-leading technical & legislative support on demand
The AMP TapIn team provides strategic technical support and guidance via phone and email to help you understand the laws and rules that underpins that advice area.

Superior client solutions

We help you deliver quality solutions to maintain relevance across the client lifecycle and meet their evolving needs.

Helping you foster deeper relationships with your clients
We help you by providing access to experts who offer a broad range of solutions for clients across their lifecycle to deliver more revenue for your practice in an efficient and scaleable way.

Lending solutions to expand your offer
We offer in-house or outsourced referral capability to support the provision of credit assistance to your clients, enabling you to diversify your revenue sources and client base. For more details on our Lending solutions please click here.

Tech-enabled money management service for clients
Access an open banking solution allowing you to view your clients’ financial position more easily and advise on their total financial situation. 

Referral solutions to increase your revenue opportunities
Buyer’s agent, estate planning and aged care referral arrangements with approved partners.

Community and connection

Advisers and all members of a practice are the heartbeat of our community, where genuine connections spark endless possibilities, fuelling our collective growth.

Practice-to-practice connection 

Peer Groups 

  • Our Peer Groups offer tailored opportunities with a unique learning experience, where like-minded individuals provide invaluable support and guidance.

Education Events

  • Professional Development Days & Knowledge Symposiums are immersive educational experiences that equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to continue to evolve as professionals and obtain their necessary CPD.

National Conference

  • Advice LIVE is our dynamic national conference uniting industry leaders, innovators, and professionals with impactful keynotes, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, to ignite a pathway to lasting success.

Reward and recognition
The ASTRUM Awards, is our esteemed reward and recognition program honouring exceptional achievements across every dimension of your business.

Maximise value in growth

We have the scale to help you at every stage of your business lifecycle to maximise your business potential and ambition.

Unlock the value in your business
Create clarity around your business ambition with the Spark framework. We will partner with you to understand your current situation, priorities and goals, and work with you to create a plan to achieve them. 

On demand insights driving business performance
Dynamic dashboards provide business insights to help you measure what you do well and what you need to improve on, with daily revenue trends and benchmarks against peers at practice and adviser level.

Fast track growth with acquisition support
We help you identify and manage the risks and unlock the opportunity of growing via our mergers and acquisitions service.

Professional protection

We have the institutional firepower to deliver compliance and security that keeps your business safe through uncertainty and evolution.

Coaching to support compliance
We support you to provide quality and compliant advice to your clients. Our monitoring and supervision program helps protect your clients, advisers and business with feedback, education and quality coaching. We keep you safe, ensuring you’re meeting all your obligations.

Comprehensive PI coverage at a discounted rate
The professional indemnity offers negotiated for AMP Advice businesses recognise the process, systems, and experience of our network. 

Cyber protection keeping you safe
We partner with you to put the appropriate processes, systems and training in place to reduce the risk of you or your client’s falling victim to cyber-crime. If you do have a cyber security breach, we have the processes and resources to support you. 

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