Please note this product no longer accepts new members or new employer-sponsored applications.

If you are an existing member, this change does not affect your account. You can continue to transact and make changes as you do today (including adding new supporting employers to your account). Existing employer sponsors can continue to transact and make changes to their employer plan, but after 31 October 2013 can no longer add new employees. If you are looking to invest in a super account, see our available employer super products.

This super account is designed for individuals who would like a simple and secure way to grow their super savings and for employers looking for an easy super solution to meet their super obligations:

  • simplicity - easy to operate
  • cost-effective - no entry or exit fees
  • financial security - your investment will never decrease1 (other than by government charges)
  • flexibility - contribute as much or as little as you like, when you like
  • tiered crediting rates - the higher the balance, the higher the crediting rate.

For more information on managing your AMP Superannuation

1 AMP Life Limited (ABN 84 079 300 379, AFSL No. 233671) guarantees that the rate of return will never be negative.

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