Stay secure with AMP

We take every measure to guard our online systems so you can rest assured that everything from your internet banking to super and insurance is in safe hands:

  • Your accounts are safe and secure
    We have a dedicated team of cyber security experts monitoring threats and regularly assessing all our services to ensure your accounts remain safe and secure. The team actively collaborates with the Australian financial services sector, law enforcement and threat intelligence organisations to share threat information and digital protection insights.
  • Your information is protected
    Our systems are secured using industry strength encryption technology. This means that all sessions between your computer and our systems are scrambled for your protection.
  • Safeguarding your access
    Your account will be locked after a number of unsuccessful login attempts to protect you against unauthorised users trying to guess your password. Also, we will automatically log you off from your online or mobile session after a period of inactivity. This reduces the risk of others accessing your information from your unattended computer or mobile device. For your security, always log off manually when leaving your device unattended.
  • Independently monitoring your security
    We engage independent cyber security consultants to verify the effectiveness of our security controls, including system design, firewall and intrusion prevention configurations, web application security and data protection controls.
  • Proof of identity
    We ask you to verify your identity via SMS when processing high risk tasks, such as adding a new payee or increasing daily transfer limits. This is so we can safeguard your personal identity.
  • Ongoing monitoring
    We frequently review security logs to detect and block suspicious events. We also encourage you to regularly check your bank statements and report any suspicious transactions.

Measures to prevent against card fraud

To protect against card fraud, AMP Bank has successfully employed a fraud monitoring system to detect card fraud since November 2013.

This system has been developed by Cuscal and operates in near real-time to identify transactions that are potentially fraudulent, based on the cardholder's usage history and other significant data. By monitoring card activities 24 hours a day we can detect and sometimes stop fraudulent or suspicious transactions before they affect your account.

Any day of the week, if suspicious activity is detected, someone from the AMP Fraud department will contact you between 7:00am and 10:00pm AEST. If fraud is suspected outside of these hours, transactions may be blocked until we reach you.

Our money-back guarantee helps protect you

With all of our safeguards in place, it's unlikely you'll be a victim of fraud on your AMP Bank accounts. But if, as a result of card usage or any other method, you are a victim of fraud, we guarantee to cover the loss.

We are committed to your safe banking experience and will remedy any unauthorised transactions provided that you did not contribute to the loss by your own fraud or your breach of the user obligations you have under the Account Access and Operating Terms and Conditions.

To protect yourself you should ensure that you check your account statements on receipt for unauthorised transactions, and should immediately notify AMP Bank when you identify any fraudulent or unauthorised transaction on your account.

Security depends on you too

A basic understanding of internet banking safety and sensibility goes a long way. See our Online safety for managing your money tips:

  • purchase security software for your computer
  • identify different types of fraud
  • watch for security alerts from AMP Bank
  • protect your security online
  • develop smart habits for your smartphone.

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