Unit prices

Unit prices effective as at 25/05/2022

Multi Sector (Traditional)

Product Entry and exit prices
AMP Conservative 1.75642
Conservative Index 1.72158
Future Directions Conservative 2.41855
Professional Conservative 1.26066
Moderately Conservative
AMP Moderate Growth 1.93544
Future Directions Moderately Conservative 1.83967
Moderately Conservative Index 1.93172
Professional Moderately Conservative 1.42428
AMP Balanced Growth 2.01453
Balanced Index 1.93498
Future Directions Balanced 2.79888
Pendal Sustainable Balanced 1.03751
Professional Balanced 2.244
Moderately Aggressive
AMP High Growth 2.05925
Future Directions Growth 2.17684
Growth Index 2.48657
Professional Growth 1.73911
AMP All Growth 2.00892
Future Directions High Growth 4.21679
High Growth Index 2.64692
Professional High Growth 1.87681

Single Sector Investment Options

Product Entry and exit prices
Fixed Interest - Core Fixed Interest
Australian Fixed Interest Index 1.45637
Global Fixed Interest Index (Hedged) 1.51256
Specialist Diversified Fixed Income 1.14399
Fixed Interest - Enhanced Fixed Interest
AMP Australian Bond 1.8078
AMP International Bond 2.17952
BlackRock Global Bond 1.79194
Future Directions Australian Bond 1.67492
Future Directions International Bond 1.58388
Fixed Interest - Credit & FI Trading Strategies
Macquarie Income Opportunities 1.33773
AMP Listed Property Trusts 1.22667
AMP Property Securities Index 1.12847
Australian Property Index 2.52318
Global Property Index (Hedged) 0.92432
Specialist Property and Infrastructure 1.80305
UBS CBRE Global Property Securities 1.38955
Equities - Australian Equities
Alphinity Australian Share 2.70469
AMP Australian Share 2.26371
AMP Capital Equity 1.66238
Australian Share Index 2.33168
DNR Capital Australian Equities High Conviction 2.40049
Pendal Australian Equity 2.85795
Perennial Value Australian Share 2.38155
Perpetual Industrial Share 2.76185
Schroder Australian Equities 2.69453
Specialist Australian Share 2.5427
Equities - Global Equities
AMP International Share 3.83599
BlackRock Scientific Hedged International Share 2.38478
BlackRock Scientific International Share 2.30182
Fidelity Global Equities 3.714
International Share Index 2.42626
International Share Index (Hedged) 0.90924
Specialist International Share 2.35662
Specialist International Share (Hedged) 2.20492
Zurich American Century Global Growth 1.82659
Equities - Small Capitalisation Equities
Multi-Manager Australian Small Companies 2.91795
Specialist Australian Small Companies 2.21029
Equities - Specialist Equities
Future Directions Emerging Markets 1.35508
Future Directions Extended Markets International Share 1.84307
Specialist Geared Australian Share 2.03542

Crediting rates

SignatureSuper ® - Term Pension effective 10 May 2022


Crediting rates % pa Before fees After fees
Super Cash  0.80 0.55


® Registered trademark of AMP Limited ABN 49 079 354 519

Super Cash is available as an investment option in SignatureSuper Term Pension. It does not have a unit price. It has a crediting rate.

This crediting rate can change at any time and is not guaranteed.

The crediting rate is accrued daily and credited annually to your account, or when you withdraw from the investment option, including pension payments.

The declared rate is the rate in which interest is applied to your account. The effective rate is the rate after the deduction of the 0.25% pa administration fee. Your employer may have negotiated a different administration fee. Administration fees do not apply on balances above $500,000.


Complimentary retirement health check

If you’re an AMP super member, you may like to arrange a call with one of our retirement specialists to discuss your super and retirement. To learn more and book in a chat, visit our info page.

Important information

The retirement health check is a general advice conversation only. It is provided by IPAC Securities Limited ABN 30 008 587 595, AFS Licence No. 234656 (IPAC) to eligible members of the AMP Super Fund. IPAC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMP.