The AMP Customer Advocate

The AMP Customer Advocate is here to help AMP hear, understand and treat its customers fairly. The AMP Customer Advocate provides guidance to AMP’s complaint teams and businesses to help AMP put fair decision-making at the centre of its products, systems and processes.

What does the AMP Customer Advocate do?

The AMP Customer Advocate provides customer advocacy and governance to AMP, to help AMP deliver fair outcomes for its customers.

Advocacy is about giving AMP’s customers a voice. The AMP Customer Advocate’s advocacy work helps AMP puts fairness at the centre of its products, systems and processes.

Governance is about ensuring that AMP’s customer complaint processes are accessible, robust and transparent, and that the outcomes for our customers are fair and reasonable.

How do I contact the AMP Customer Advocate?

The Customer Advocate’s role is to help with issues that impact customers generally. The Customer Advocate is unable to help with individual customer complaints. For help with individual customer complaints, please contact AMP’s internal dispute resolution teams.

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, please refer to our info page for information about who to call, as you may be able to seek assistance by claiming financial hardship.