Looking for additional funds or extra cash?

We can help you whether you're looking to do renovations, consolidate your debt or buy your dream car.


A home loan increase could allow you to access extra money when you need it.

Competitive rate

Home loans generally offer more competitive interest rates than credit cards and personal loans, so increasing your home loan to access extra money may mean you pay less in the long term.

Less paperwork

Increasing your existing home loan means you don’t need to take out a separate loan, which could save you time and paperwork.

Flexible loan use

Depending on how much equity is available in your property, you can access money to do what you want - renovate, consolidate your debts, or go on a holiday.

Apply for your home loan increase in 3 easy steps

Get prepared

Gather your information, as you’ll need to know what home loan account you’re looking to increase, what you intend to use the extra money for, and what your income, expenses, assets and liabilities are.

Apply online

Go to your My AMP account and select the home loan account you would like to increase. If you’re eligible, click “Apply Now” to launch your Home Loan Increase application form.

Have a chat

One of our Home Loan Specialists will call you within two business days after your application form has been submitted to help you with next steps.

What to expect

Eligibility criteria

  • You have to be a current AMP home loan customer.
  • You need to have a My AMP account or create one.
  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You need to be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

The process

  • The home loan increase process should take about 30 minutes to complete.
  • When including details of your income, expenses, assets and liabilities in your application form, note that you’ll need to upload supporting documents (such as your recent payslips).
  • Once the form is complete, no matter the outcome, one of our Home Loan Specialists will be in touch within two business days to talk through what you’re looking for and how we might help.
  • Remember, increasing your home loan means you’re taking on more debt and potentially higher loan repayments, so make sure you consider your circumstances before making any decisions.

Want to talk to someone right now?

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Important information

The credit provider is AMP Bank Limited ABN 15 081 596 009, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 234517. Approval is subject to AMP Bank guidelines.