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Investing in your development and growth

Setting you up for future success

We believe that you should never stop learning. Or growing. That’s why we’ll support you throughout your AMP career with professional and personal development.

We continue to invest in new ways to create learning opportunities and encourage formal and informal development. Not only does it benefit you, it enables us to better deliver for the customers and communities we serve.

Here you’ll experience first-class leaders who are invested in you and your success, and committed to working with you to drive real change, formal development programs, and everyday challenges, as we work together to strengthen this iconic Aussie brand. These challenges will stretch you, amplify your potential and compound the impact you have. 


Programs to support your development

From day one, your learning journey begins on our comprehensive corporate onboarding program, which will get you up to speed in your new role.

We continue to build capability through the delivery of programs, tools and resources for individuals, leaders and teams. We’ll help you stay relevant and adaptable, providing you self-confidence and fulfilment.


Learning at your fingertips

Everyone has free access to the LinkedIn Learning platform - an on-demand library of over 16,000 instructional videos covering the latest business, technology and creative skills. It provides personalised course recommendations and is designed to help you achieve your full potential anytime, anywhere.


On the job experiences

Explore new horizons and expand your skill set with secondment opportunities, gaining valuable insights from different departments. Dive into dynamic learning experiences by working on agile-team projects, where collaboration and adaptability are key. And elevate your career while broadening your expertise through internal job moves. Last year alone, 20% of our employees moved into a new role within AMP, reflecting the growth opportunities and support for internal career development.



Building leaders of the future

For new leaders, we offer a Leader Experience Program, designed to equip you with the tools, techniques, and mindsets to lead inclusive, high-performing teams. It’s a practical program with on-the-job application, focusing on key leadership capabilities (e.g. leading self, people, teams, results) along with opportunities to embed our Purpose and Values.


Elevating our Leadership

Our senior leaders are our key culture carriers for AMP, so we offer our Catalyst Development Program which allows leaders to gain feedback on their leadership, deeply reflect on connecting individual and organisational purpose, and explore strategy, customer, culture and building high-performance, through immersive experiences and coaching pods.


Sessions to learn

We host regular lunch and learns and virtual sessions for employees to deep dive into a range of popular topics, from ‘Inclusion and diversity’, ‘Adapting to change’, ‘Achieving peak performance’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and more. This also supports regular ‘AMP Talks’ where business SME’s share updates and information on our products and services. 

Our people creating their own tomorrow

We have thousands of amazing career stories to tell at AMP, but here are just a few. Click to learn about the unique journeys of these inspiring people. 

Project and Delivery Lead
Head of Bank Contact Centre
General Manager, Adviser Partnerships

Susan Cattell

Project and Delivery Lead

Meet Susan Cattell, in our Enterprise Transformation team. Susan joined AMP in 2015 and since then has worked across several projects across different business areas, aligning with AMP’s strategy. “Initially I started working on a simplification project with AMP’s Finance team, then moved into the Advice business, then over to Corporate Super and then joined the Legal and Governance team before taking on a secondment in the Enterprise Transformation team. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had so many career growth opportunities working across different parts of the business.”

“In my childhood, I wanted to be a teacher. I loved school and I loved helping people. Although I went down a different path, my work in the Enterprise Transformation team means I’m still helping people, but in a different way. Over the past 18 months I have really enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and challenging myself in my role which gives me an overall strategic view of AMP with a focus on achieving our purpose of helping our customers create their tomorrow.”

“I would describe my time at AMP as empowering. It’s an organisation that supports opportunities for growth and development, you just need to put yourself out there! My best advice is to not to wait for opportunities to come to you, actively seek out opportunities that excite you. If you want something, go and get it. If you want to learn something, throw yourself in at the deep end. I think your success, or your failure is not anyone else’s responsibility. It’s yours. I’d also recommend connecting with a mentor, I have met many inspiring people at AMP who have helped me get to where I am today.”

“Out of all the AMP values, 'Own It' is the one that resonates with me the most. It’s who I am naturally. You can ask my husband – I take pride in taking accountability and getting things done. Outside of work, this also comes to light in my entertaining and baking skills – which are always a hit with my family and friends! I love that this gives me an outlet for my creativity and I 'Own It' on a different level.”

“Something I live by is if you say you can, you will. If you say you can’t, you won’t. You can achieve the things you think you can’t – you just have to change your mindset.”

Krystal Le

Head of Bank Contact Centre

Meet Krystal Le, the newly appointed Head of our Bank Contact Centre. Krystal’s latest promotion in July, is the seventh promotion Krystal’s had throughout her 14-year career at AMP, a trajectory she puts down to a strong desire to help customers and improve the way things work.

 “I started out in financial services as a Loan Processing Officer, and before that worked in retail which is probably why I’m very passionate about helping customers.”

“When I think about my current job, a key part of this role is project delivery, so while I am passionate about identifying customer pain points, I also like to examine the challenges we are experiencing within the business and enhance our internal processes and policies.”

Starting out with AMP as a Loans Processing Officer, Krystal says a standout moment in her career was receiving three promotions over the course of two years, in the early days of her career.

“Sometimes I still sit and recall the conversations I had with my team leader at the time and can’t quite believe how quickly I was able to progress… It’s such a proud moment. Like a lot of women I know, I thought I needed to be more qualified before being promoted, but my leader had confidence in me and said, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone in such a short period with no financial services background, to receive so many promotions’.”

If she wasn’t working for AMP, Krystal says she might have pursued cooking as a career and have her own café, serving her famous pork belly and chicken curry dishes, both heirlooms of her Vietnamese cultural background.

“My children and husband love those two. He says I make them ‘mean’!”

Although Krystal has no plans to trade the Contact Centre for a café anytime soon.

“A number of things keep me here, but mostly the people and the culture. I’m loyal to AMP because I love its rich history of supporting Australians and have been given so much opportunity to succeed.”

“I’ve been given a lot of empowerment throughout the course of my career – the leaders I’ve had have been huge supporters and advocates of mine.”

Sara McQueen

General Manager, Adviser Partnerships

Meet Sara McQueen, General Manager, Adviser Partnerships who joined AMP 25 years ago. Sara believes that the variety of financial services offered by AMP means that there’s always something new to keep things interesting.

"The key benefit of working here is that you’re always learning and being challenged, and yet you always feel supported at all levels, during the adventure of taking on new things. That has kept me inspired through the years.”

“At AMP any time you start to feel as if you've mastered the job at hand, or you’d like a new challenge, you're afforded a different opportunity. It’s a great foundational place to learn more about the industry and our role in helping clients. In more than two decades, I truly have never stopped learning.”

“There has been such a focus from management on how I have honed my craft. I’ve consistently been empowered by my leaders and peers to establish myself within the business which has provided an opportunity for not just progression but longevity, allowing me to always keep in mind a view of how I can make a difference.”

"I have always believed that we have an important role to play in the industry. The importance of receiving financial advice has never been greater.”

“We have been trusted by Australians for many years, and as an Australian brand with a legacy and place in history comes a lot of influence and responsibility. My team and I have the determination to service people in the best way we can. Our recent Advice LIVE conference was a great opportunity to connect with our adviser network in person, hear from AMP’s leaders and discuss what’s next for advice at AMP.”

Away from work, Sara plays goal defence and keeper for her local netball team. 

"My team haven't made it to a final in recent history but it's all about getting out there, having a go and just doing something for ourselves. Life is a constant juggle, one of my favourite quotes is by Chyka Keebaugh, founder of The Big Group - 'You can have it all, just not at the same time'.”

A sentiment Sara sees as having taken on new meaning over recent years.

“A blessing from lockdowns has been getting to be more involved in my kids learning journeys and their lives in general. Thankfully, the flexibility we saw implemented during the pandemic has continued, benefiting not only me but my team too.” 

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