Fund information

Fund information Details
Fund name AMP Super Fund
Australian business number (ABN) 78421957449
Registrable superannuation entity (RSE) R1056433
Superannuation fund number (SFN) 4904 989 97
Superannuation product identification number (SPIN)/
Unique superannuation identifier (USI)

Unit prices

Unit prices effective as at 29/11/2023

Multi Sector (Traditional)

Product Entry and exit prices
Conservative Index 2.16876
Future Directions Conservative 2.19537
Moderately Conservative
Future Directions Moderately Conservative 2.6197
Moderately Conservative Index 1.89882
Balanced Index 2.92198
Future Directions Balanced 3.1495
Pendal Sustainable Balanced 1.07776
Moderately Aggressive
Future Directions Growth 3.58383
Growth Index 2.5186
Future Directions High Growth 3.79049
High Growth Index 2.78347

MySuper Investments

Product Entry and exit prices
AMP MySuper 1950s 1.47472
AMP MySuper 1960s 1.65205
AMP MySuper 1970s 1.93695
AMP MySuper 1980s 1.98859
AMP MySuper 1990s Plus 1.95652
AMP MySuper Capital Stable 1.4414

Single Sector Investment Options

Product Entry and exit prices
Fixed Interest - Core Fixed Interest
AMP ESP Pension Fund Bond Portfolio 1.62679
Australian Fixed Interest Index 1.37359
Global Fixed Interest Index (Hedged) 1.39738
Specialist Diversified Fixed Income 1.1106
Australian Property Index 2.2621
Global Property Index (Hedged) 0.80882
Alternative Strategies
Global Listed Infrastructure Index (Hedged) 0.97106
Global Listed Infrastructure Index (Hedged) 0.97461
Equities - Australian Equities
Australian Share Index 4.59197
Specialist Australian Share 4.7969
Equities - Global Equities
International Share Index 3.84786
International Share Index (Hedged) 0.95659
Specialist International Share 4.0133
Specialist International Share (Hedged) 3.558
Equities - Small Capitalisation Equities
Specialist Australian Small Companies 3.51796
Equities - Specialist Equities
Specialist Geared Australian Share 6.14918

Fees & costs

The fees and costs section in the documents below will provide you detailed information on the charges applicable to your investments.

Crediting rates

SignatureSuper® Crediting Rates - effective 13 November 2023



Investment option  Declared Rate p.a. (before tax) Crediting Rate p.a. (after tax)*
Super Cash
 4.95 4.21
AMP Term Deposits
6 months  5.25 4.47
1 year 5.35 4.55

® Registered trademark of AMP Limited ABN 49 079 354 519

These investment options are available through SignatureSuper and have a crediting rate instead of a unit price.

A crediting rate is the rate of interest applied to the amount you have invested in that option. The rate can change at any time.

*15% tax applies to the investment earnings from your investment.

Super Cash

The crediting rate is accrued daily and credited annually to your account, or when you withdraw from the investment option.

Term Deposits

The crediting rate applied is the applicable rate on the day the term deposit was established in your account. It accrues daily and is paid on maturity.


Term Deposits - Crediting rate adjustments

An adjusted crediting rate applies where your term deposit is broken before the end of its term. This rate reflects the break costs and risks incurred as a result of the early closure. The rate reduction applies for the whole period from the start of the term deposit until the date it was broken.

Product disclosure statement

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What you need to know

The super coach session is a super health check and is provided by AWM Services. It is a general advice conversation only. It does not consider your personal circumstances.