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When you change jobs or move house your super fund can lose contact with you. And with multiple super accounts it’s likely you’ll lose track of some super payments from previous employers. It can all add up to thousands and thousands of dollars.

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Why choose AMP super?

AMP has been helping our customers take control of their financial future for 160 years. As Australia’s favourite for super1, we’ve built our reputation on a range of award-winning products designed to meet customer needs.

Whether you’re after simple super or investments you can be heavily involved with, there’s an AMP super product for you.

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Like many Australians, you may have lost track of your super. We can help you track down your lost super and bring it together with your existing AMP account.

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For most Australians, by the time we retire super will represent one of our biggest assets. It's real money, find out how consolidating can help you achieve a better outcome.

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Looking to grow your own super or add to your spouse’s super? Find out how you can make personal and spouse contributions into an AMP super product.

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