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We are on a journey of transformation, so for now, change is constant. While to some this might seem daunting, there’s a real potential for big thinkers to help us redefine what financial services could be. And turn our legacy into something even more positive and powerful for the future.

We are creating a simpler, digitally enabled financial services business, that is responsive to the changing needs of communities. As a result, we’re now a nimbler business with new leadership and thinking. Here you’ll be closer to the action and executive decisions that influence where we go next.

With change, comes new challenges to amplify your potential. New exposure to projects, stakeholders, products and initiatives, right across the business. And new opportunities to challenge thinking as we work together to strengthen this iconic Aussie brand.

Doing what we’ve always done is not an option, so your clever ideas will get airtime here. You’ll be encouraged to speak up and try new things. If they don’t work, we move on – better for it.

It’s a chance to do meaningful work and prioritise your personal and professional development. You’ll have ongoing opportunities to build your networks and experience, and create a broad, interesting career with impact.

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Opportunities await you

Here are just some challenges that are stretching our people, amplifying their potential and compounding the impact they have.

Amali Seneviratne - Senior Legal Counsel, Digital, Marketing and Customer
Scott Barnett - Head of Technology - Bank
Evan Hughes - Channel Owner, Direct & Digital - AMP Bank
Kelly Kerr - Senior Manager, Advocacy and Technical Services

Working together to build AI governance

Amali Seneviratne - Senior Legal Counsel, Digital, Marketing and Customer

Working together to build AI governance

“It’s impossible to ignore the evolution of AI. It’s everywhere you look and something that I’m quite excited by. This led me to ask my stakeholders whether they are using AI for work, such as ChatGPT. This simple question took me on an interesting journey of advising on AI governance and the responsible use of AI in marketing, brand, and advertising. Through this work I connected with AMP’s Technology team and joined their AI Working Group, looking into AMP’s AI governance frameworks and AI innovation. It’s been a great opportunity to get to know the Technology team, share perspectives from across the Group and to add value as a lawyer in progressive forward-looking work.”

Modernising our core

Scott Barnett - Head of Technology - Bank

Modernising our core

“In support of AMP Bank’s digital growth strategy, the Bank IT team continue to invest in modernising our core Banking platform. Over the last few years, we have modernised the code-based, migrated to public cloud infrastructure, further automated our testing and deployment processes and delivered new business functionality, including a fully digital mortgage offering (approved in minutes not weeks) and real-time payments. We are continuing to leverage our strong AWS partnership to deliver cloud-first architectures and solutions for all new development, ensuring scalable, resilient and cost-effective solutions.”

Leading projects and building skills

Evan Hughes - Channel Owner, Direct & Digital - AMP Bank

Leading projects and building skills

“Getting the opportunity to work on and lead various projects and initiatives has made my time at AMP extremely valuable, the most recent of which was the release of our new Digital Mortgage channel. I was initially put onto the project as a Credit Risk Specialist; despite being new to the field, I was given the time and resources to learn quickly and positively impact the delivery of the project. I was then fortunate enough to be hired as the ongoing owner of the digital channel, which has helped me work on skills and knowledge across the entire mortgage value chain, as well as develop my leadership skills as I manage the Digital & Direct Lending team.”

Driving inclusion and diversity in the workplace

Kelly Kerr - Senior Manager, Advocacy and Technical Services

Driving inclusion and diversity in the workplace

“The AMP Inclusion & Diversity Council is a representative, passionate group of employees and leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience that work together to drive and advocate AMP’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. We are motivated by the belief that the power of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is limitless.


For myself personally, it is an honour to be a member of the Council. Knowing I am helping to drive a real commitment to inclusion in the workplace has been extremely rewarding. It has also provided a valuable opportunity to build new connections and learn from others across the business who I may not interact with in my usual role.”

Cass Cross - Sustainability Analyst
Laura Crilly - Customer Service Lead
Thinesh Thillainadarajah - Senior Legal Counsel

Becoming a Purpose & Values Champion

Cass Cross - Sustainability Analyst

Becoming a Purpose & Values Champion

“Being part of the Purpose & Values working group and champions network has been a great opportunity to shape the ways we work and encourage behaviours that support better outcomes for our customers, people, partners, and community. Working in sustainability, several of our values align to the types of work I get to do every day, but I’ve really enjoyed seeing how people across the business have proposed and actioned changes that better embed each value in their areas.


With limited exposure to customers myself, I’ve particularly liked stories from our people around “Put the Customer First”. Personally, the “Be Brave” value is one that I find critical to my role so I can challenge us to try new things and engage with sustainability in different ways, like testing various ethical issues with the Youth Advisory Committee.


I look forward to seeing how our people continue to be brave and learn, and how the P&V champions network continues to role-model these behaviours.”

Driving real change for our customers

Laura Crilly - Customer Service Lead

Driving real change for our customers

“We are brave to help simplify and drive change at AMP. During the last 9 months, we have introduced a visual analytics platform for key reports to empower business to make the most of their data, have promoted automation of processes and embarked on a journey to simplify our legal entity structure. Examples like this provide tremendous opportunities for our people to step out of their day jobs and achieve something of which they can be proud.


I joined AMP in September 2021 in the contact centre. Prior to this, I had never had an office job, having been in retail and hospitality. After struggling in these industries during the multiple COVID shut downs, I saw the stability of this role as a real blessing. It was great to be able to apply my years of customer service experience to our Master Trust members and educate them on superannuation and assist them when in need.


In 2022 I moved into a customer lead role, helping develop contact centre agents and acting as advocate for members to the business, and I have recently been successful in obtaining a secondment as Team Manager in the contact centre. I have found AMP to be a great place for growth and development, and my managers have been incredibly supportive and encouraging.


Recently I was able to participate in an awards pitch to AUSContact – initiatives in culture and engagement – where we were able to reflect on the hard work of agents, leaders, SME and L&D teams in rolling out changes that have seen such improvement to the team, both in their work and wellbeing. We attended the state awards ceremony, where we won in our category! We now advance to Nationals later this year, and I am confident in our chances – cross your fingers for us!”

Exploring the use of AI and tech in legal

Thinesh Thillainadarajah - Senior Legal Counsel

Exploring the use of AI and tech in legal

“As a Senior Legal Counsel in the AMP Bank Legal team, I have always been interested in the intersection between technology and banking. I’ve become accustomed to a dynamic regulatory landscape that is constantly changing, and the pace of innovation in technology creates an additional layer of complexity. However, having the opportunity to explore how we can leverage AI and emerging technologies to improve how we do our work and deliver for our customers has been an exciting change from what I do on a day-to-day basis.” 

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Committed leaders

We have a renewed leadership team - they’re some of the best in the industry and genuinely care about the team and the transformation of our great organisation.

Creating an inclusive and connected environment is a sentiment that’s echoed across the organisation and role modelled by our committed leaders. Our leaders want everyone to feel valued and included, so they make time to hear what you have to say. And find ways to stay connected - through weekly huddles, 1-to-1s, monthly company-wide AMP live sessions, small group chats with our CEO - Alexis, meetings and socials – while working with you to drive change.

Get to know our committed
leadership team

Meet our leaders

Experience our empowering culture, where everyone can speak up. Where leaders prioritise open communication over hierarchy. Where your voice matters, which fosters a real sense of inclusion and value.


Our Executive Committee visited our contact centre at Parramatta. Sitting down with the teams who speak directly to customers, our leaders shadowed our people as they handled everyday banking and superannuation questions.

Inclusive people

Change isn’t easy, but it’s made easier when you’re in it with people who are as passionate and committed as you. We lift each other up. We care about each other. We show empathy and respect.

In fact, our diverse and inclusive people are our greatest asset. We’ve created a workplace where you can be yourself and do your best work. Where people with differing experiences, skills, and backgrounds are united by a common purpose, and are stronger together as a team.

While we have many formal Inclusion & Diversity practices, much of our team’s affinity is driven by a shared passion for causes and activities that bring us together. 




Extending from a few people’s interests and hobbies, we’ve got plenty of informal groups. From yoga, running, book club, ‘voice of customer’ or ‘coffee connects’, here you’ll find peers that include and welcome you, wherever you go.





Some of our formal employee resource groups include AMProud, RAP Committee, I&D Council, Together Supporting Women and New Zealand Cultural Working groups.



Meet some of our amazing people

You can hear more from #AMPeople on LinkedIn on what it’s like to work here.

Strategic Account Manager
Legal Counsel
Head of Financial Crime, Privacy & Fraud Risk
Head of Indigenous Programs

Anjuum Siingh Singh

Strategic Account Manager

Anjum says the leadership team have always focused on championing diversity. “I have been privileged to have had incredibly supportive leaders in helping me progress. Working for an organisation where you are fully supported is such a source of fulfilment and pride."

Anjum is a passionate advocate for women in financial services and her proudest career moment to date, is leading the AMP Advice Women’s Network, which launched in 2021.

Thinesh Thillainadarajah

Legal Counsel

“Companies should look like the communities they serve, and I am grateful to be part of an organisation like AMP that champions this. This allows people of colour and other employees from marginalised communities to authentically participate in reinventing AMP and create a better future for the company.”

Gary Calder

Head of Financial Crime, Privacy & Fraud Risk

As a member of the LGBTQI community myself, I cannot tell our allies and friends how much it means to us all to feel embraced, respected, and able to be our full selves, especially at work. The transformation at work has been enormous during my long career (no spring chicken here!). When I started working, we had to hide our sexuality. You could certainly be discriminated for it, sometimes fired. But most importantly there was no avenue for support from our colleagues at work - this just mirrored the less inclusive stance of the community at large. But just what a transformation has taken place since. Despite the proliferation of glitter, we are now considered just like everyone else, and being LGBTI just doesn't have the stigma it used to have. This level of inclusion goes beyond LGBTI - to gender diversity, ethnic diversity, people with disabilities and so on. And our working places are so much better for it - not only do we draw talent from a far bigger pool, we enable people to be the individuals they are. Not only that but we are representative of our customer base as never before - so can truly understand them better.

Binowee Bayles

Head of Indigenous Programs

AMP has a Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) that shares our reconciliation journey and our commitments on financial wellbeing, employment pathways and cultural capability with First Nations communities. I am a proud Koori woman who believes in Indigenous and non-Indigenous working together respectfully, coexisting is harmony, now and well into the future to make collaborative change.

Flexibility and wellbeing

We know there’s no one way of doing things. So, we’re committed to a flexible and inclusive hybrid work environment - one that fosters engagement, high performance and a sense of belonging.

Here you’ll be trusted to do the right thing, so you’ll have ownership and control of how and when your work is done. Flexibility is embedded into everything we do, but not to the detriment of performance. Whether it’s working compressed hours, part-time hours or traditional hours - as long as you show up when it matters, you can build your days around your family, team and hobbies.

Our WeFlex policy supports a combination of office and remote working – with an expected minimum of 8 days per month in office. But there’s also the opportunity to agree formal variances.

We have great spaces to connect and collaborate when we come together in person. Find out where you could work here.

Here you’re empowered to find the right balance for you and your team, and encouraged to use flexibility as a tool to help you be at your best.

We’ve found this approach fosters a greater appreciation for each other’s health and wellbeing. And this is something we take seriously, with coaching, counselling, health and financial guidance to support you – at home and at work.

Benefits and perks to support you and your family

AMP prioritises the health, happiness, and wellness of our people. We offer generous benefits and great perks, all while working towards a purpose that makes us proud.


Be well

Our health and wellbeing program including a range of health services, seminars, & webinars



A wellbeing and counselling program offering you and your family 24/7 access to support including mental health, career coaching, dietary support, legal advice and financial support  



Gender neutral paid parental leave

And additional leave benefits for all permanent employees


Further leave benefits

Purchase up to four weeks additional leave each year, personal emergency and compassionate leave, domestic and family violence support leave, and more


Recharge days

Taking regular leave is encouraged with recharge days; two additional days of paid leave if your annual leave balance is five days or less at the beginning of the calendar year



AMP Employee Superannuation Plan

Access simple super advice, significant discounts on a wide range of investment options and generous insurance benefits through our employee super plan



Competitive pay, financial incentives and 12% superannuation


AMP Advantage

Online discount program offering deals and discounts at over 400 retailers


Discounts for AMP products and services

Including financial advice, self-managed superannuation fund administration, bank accounts, home loans and investments



Other discounts

Discounts on health insurance, travel insurance, personal insurance and leisure travel


"I love being a dad, and am grateful I get to be with my family so much while they are young"

Matthew Partridge, Quality Analyst

“As a Dad to three children under three, I really cherish that I’m able to spend this time with my family. It’s true what they say, you don’t get this time back. I love being a Dad, and am grateful I get to be with my family so much while they are young.”

Matthew Partridge is a Quality Analyst in the Dispute Resolutions team at AMP. He is also a father to Luna (two and a half) and newborn twins Lily and Leo. Matthew is currently on twelve months parental leave under AMP’s refreshed Leave Policy, which has removed the distinction between primary and secondary carer to allow all parents to take fourteen weeks paid parental leave and have greater flexibility in when they do it. Matthew’s wife, Tiff, also works for AMP (they met at work!) and these changes are already making a significant difference to their young family.

“When we found out about the changes, it was a no-brainer for us. It completely took away the stress of figuring out how we were going to juggle work and our growing family. With the addition of our beautiful twins, our house is pretty chaotic. We are also navigating the world of a very independent toddler for the first time so it’s great that Tiff and I can truly share this joy (and challenge!) as a team.”

“My leaders were so supportive of me taking the time off, which just made me feel even more comfortable with my decision. When Luna was born, I was only able to take three weeks, and the difference is huge I think it’s great to see this inclusiveness at AMP.”

Community impact

When we feel connected to the work we do and the people we work with, we feel a greater connection to our purpose: helping people create their tomorrow. It’s a purpose that extends beyond our customers’ lives into the wider community. If giving back is in your DNA, you’ll have every opportunity to have a real impact in the community through Payroll Giving, Volunteering, Fundraising, and supporting the causes you care about.

We work hand in hand with AMP Foundation one of Australia's largest independently funded corporate foundations which allows us to harness our differing strengths, skills and ‘superpowers’ – and together can create the greatest potential and positive impact for the community – supporting our overarching purpose of ‘helping people create their tomorrow’. 

AMP Foundation offers AMPlifiers program, designed exclusively for all AMP employees, and aligned advisers. Through Volunteering, Fundraising, and Payroll Giving, AMPlifiers provide various avenues for individuals to contribute to causes that matter to them, their families, and their communities. One of the exceptional aspects of AMPlifiers is the generous matching contribution provided by the Foundation. Every contribution made by you is met with a matching donation, doubling the impact, and amplifying the difference made.

Through Tomorrow Makers program, the AMP Foundation have provided $9 million in funding to 354 Tomorrow Makers until the year 2022. 14 exceptional Tomorrow Makers are part of the first phase of the program called SPARK launched early this year. In addition to grant funding, the 2023 Tomorrow Makers will embark on a fully subsidised 20-week journey, receiving invaluable support, education, training, coaching, and access to the broader social enterprise ecosystem.

2022 highlights

  • In 2022, we donated $1 million in grants through the AMP Foundation's Tomorrow Makers program to help 20 inspirational Australians find new solutions to complex social and environmental challenges.
  • Invested more than $110 million in the community since 1992 through the AMP Foundation
  • Employee contributions:
    • Employee giving and fundraising $595,944
    • Employee volunteering contribution value $445,664

How you can make a difference in the community

Our people are strongly encouraged to support Australian communities in-need through a number of opportunities. Explore the options below to discover how you can contribute through AMP Foundation AMPlifiers program.

  1. Team Volunteering - The AMP Foundation offers a number of opportunities to do offsite or onsite Team volunteering. This year, AMP employees have supported various charities such as The Big Issue, Our Big Kitchen, environmental organisation CERES and Eat Up Australia.
  2. Unsung Heroes - Each year, AMP Foundation supports and recognises the dedication of AMP employees who generously give their time to make a difference in the community for more than 80 hours that year, or by volunteering on the board of a charity. In 2022, the program acknowledged 28 AMP employees across the business for their work, with the organisations they lent their time and expertise to receiving a share of $84,000 from the AMP Foundation.
  3. Mentoring - By becoming a mentor through the AMP Foundation's mentoring program, all AMP employees have the opportunity to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences with those who can benefit from their guidance. In 2022, AMP employees mentored women through the Global Sisters Momentum Coaching program which help disadvantaged women become financially independent through the creation of their own female-led micro-businesses.
  4. Skilled Volunteering - AMP employees share their expertise and skills to create a lasting impact especially through AMP Foundation Tomorrow Makers SPARK program. The program is dedicated to supporting individuals and organisations with early-stage social enterprise ideas. The AMP employees to serve as mentors for our Tomorrow Makers. As a mentor, you will play a vital role in guiding participants throughout the program, leveraging your expertise and business skills to assist them in developing their social enterprise business model.

With the AMP Foundation’s dollar matching support, AMP employees are able to raise much needed money for charities they care about. Here’s some great examples below:

STEPtember - AMP employees took up the challenge to do 10,000 steps a day for 30 days in September to help raise funds for Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Quay Quarter Tower Stair Challenge for Variety Queensland – In 2022, dedicated AMP employees challenged their mental and physical strength and climbed 49 floors to the top in the award-winning Quay Quarter Tower in Sydney, in the first ever Stair Climb Challenge. The funds raised by the stair climbers were dollar matched by the Foundation for a grand total of $40,000.

Payroll Giving is one of the most simple, cost-effective ways you can donate to the causes you care about. The program allows you to make a pre-tax salary donation which is matched by AMP Foundation. The minimum donation per charity is $5 per fortnight. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will make a difference. 



Starting now, you can be part of our purpose and create your own tomorrow

Join us