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The transformation of an iconic brand

About us

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you’ve likely heard of AMP. We help people with their banking, super, retirement and finances. Through upturns, downturns, recessions and major life transitions. In fact, we’re the only financial services business that helps our one million customers through every stage of life - from opening their first bank account, to buying their first house, to retiring with dignity.

Every day, we help people see and make more of their financial potential, so that they can create their tomorrow. And we’ve been doing it for over 170 years.

We gave women rights to property before they could vote, gave land to returned soldiers, and funded many of the roads, shopping centres, skyscrapers and airports you see today.

We’re a business with a unique heritage. One that’s built on helping people. And if we continue to do our job well, we genuinely add to the prosperity of our country and its people. 


Our journey of transformation

Like our customers, we’ve survived many ups and downs. We embrace our heritage which exists because we’ve always been prepared to be bold, innovate, learn and adapt. Today, we’re a nimbler business with new leadership and thinking. We’re transforming, at a time when society is too.

We have set a clear path to a new AMP by repositioning to focus on our core banking and wealth management businesses, simplifying the organisation and exploring opportunities for growth.

While to some this might seem daunting, there’s a real potential for big thinkers to help us redefine what financial services could be. And turn our legacy into something even more positive and powerful for the future.

This is our plan for the next few years:


  • Invest for disciplined growth in AMP Bank
  • Grow the North platform by building new relationships with independent financial advisers
  • Continue to transform AMP’s Advice business


  • Deliver capital management program following asset sales
  • Continue to right-size the operating model for agility and efficiency
  • Continue to review portfolio of assets to ensure AMP is the right owner


  • Invest and support growth in direct-to-customer initiatives in selected areas
  • Develop leading position in retirement
  • Explore new business models and drive new revenue

And we’ll drive this change by focusing on four key enablers:

  • purpose and culture
  • brand, reputation, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) focus
  • digital and data capability
  • respecting risk


Helping people create their tomorrow

Purpose and values to guide us

Over the years, we’ve learnt that Australians tend to overlook the possibility of doing much more with the finances they have today. But, through our range of banking, retirement, investment, and advice products, we help them see and make more of their potential.

This insight has fuelled our purpose - helping people create their tomorrow.

For our people, this creates real opportunities to make meaningful impact. Starting now, you can be part of our purpose. You can continue our legacy as we reimagine what a progressive financial institution is. And, through a series of career-defining moments, create your own tomorrow. 



Our values, in action

Living and embodying our values is essential to nurturing our strong, cohesive, and purpose-driven workplace. More than just mere words on paper; they’re the guiding principles that shape our culture and define who we are.  

We expect every person, from the leadership team to the newest hire, to embrace and integrate these values into what they do and the decisions they make every day.

  • We stay close to customers at every opportunity to understand their needs and viewpoint
  • We search for ways to improve the customer experience
  • We focus on customer outcomes and look for ways to continuously lift the bar to enable them to take control and achieve their goals
  • We consistently collaborate across AMP to drive customer excellence
  • We identify and update systems and processes to make it easy for customers to do business with us
  • We look externally to anticipate trends and use this knowledge to improve the customer experience
  • We seek out new challenges
  • We handle multiple demands and competing priorities, making efficient use of our time
  • We communicate the urgency and importance of resolving issues
  • We show commitment to our team and AMP
  • We create feedback loops to identify and streamline work processes and output
  • We help others take accountability to achieve results in support of AMP’s strategy
  • We create the environment for people to speak up, listen and challenge
  • We fail fast, adapt, and learn; and help others to do the same
  • We confront tough business unit or organisational issues and make unpopular decisions
  • We take bold yet well-reasoned moves to position AMP for success
  • We reinforce agility as an important attribute of high performing teams
  • We celebrate wins in other areas of the business and reinforce priorities we have in common​
  • We show up as part of a unified and cohesive team and act in the interests of AMP and all stakeholders
  • We build networks within and outside AMP and leverage these to get work done
  • We role model straight talk and empower people with the facts​
  • We protect the long-term interests of AMP and outcomes for all stakeholders
  • We confront actions that are unethical or questionable business practices

Those who thrive here

If you can adapt from BAU to the ambiguous with ease, and you see opportunity where others see challenge, you’ll do well here. For us, these are exciting times of opportunity. It’s not going to be easy, change never is, so, bring your commitment, grit and growth mindset.

Because we run lean, everyone is expected to jump in and deliver across a variety of areas. Meaning, you can be closer to the action and executive decisions that influence where we go next. This is not the place to hide. It’s a chance to work with us in smart, progressive ways as we take this iconic Aussie brand into the future.

While our new structure’s young and evolving, our environment is mature. So, everyone is treated like an adult and trusted to do the right thing. Even when no one’s looking.

There’s no micro-managing or ego here. Just a genuine, inclusive and supportive team. We play to each other’s strengths and rally to solve problems.

Because we’re not intent on doing ‘what we’ve always done’, your clever ideas get airplay here. Instead of being socialised or politicised out of existence, they’re encouraged. We want everyone to speak up and try new ways of doing things. If something doesn’t work, we learn and move on - better for it.

If you’re someone that can hold their own, you’ll find AMP quite liberating.  

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Values lighting our path and leading our way


Alexis George

CEO AMP Limited

Playing as one team means knowing who is on the team and how to lift each other up. Our team must be reflective of the communities we operate in and come together in a way that supports everyone in bringing their whole selves to work for us all to succeed.”


Rebecca Nash

Chief People Officer

Own it can take many different forms, a great example of Own it in action which inspires me is watching people take responsibility for their professional growth and development.”


Michael Christofides

Director Lending, AMP Bank

“We all contribute to the experience of our customers, regardless of the role or job title. If you don’t serve the customer in your role, you serve the people that do. Put customers first.”


Evan Hughes

Channel Owner, Direct & Digital, AMP Bank Channel

“The last couple of years have moved us from a mindset of having leaders who ‘fit’ the culture, to looking for people who add to it, resulting in heightened diversity throughout the organisation at all levels. There is a unique willingness to Do the right thing, accept accountability for mistakes, while implementing changes to make positive steps forward, which is so important for professional and personal growth. I've seen a huge rise in culture through a focus on mental health and care for each other – this company cares about its people.” 



Laura Bridge

Senior Manager Organisational Development

“To truly drive change and innovation we all need to Be brave and face into uncertainty, be supported and empowered to make tough decisions, and continuously look for opportunities to evolve and try new ways of doing things.” 


We believe in the power of inclusion and diversity

We’re dedicated to fostering inclusion, diversity, and a warm feeling of belonging at AMP.

We all play a role in creating an environment which empowers people to be their authentic selves. By celebrating our differences and seeking out different ideas and perspectives, we create a place where we all feel we belong – allowing us to give our best every day.

This not only makes our workplace more engaged, but also leads to better connections with our customers. It sparks creativity, ignites innovation, and turns up the dial on the quality of our decisions and performance.

We're all in, and we're all better for it


Leading the way in achieving gender equality

We take pride in fostering a gender-balanced workforce, recognising the pivotal role it plays in driving innovation and success. As one of the leading employers for women, we are committed to providing equal opportunities, empowering professional growth, and cultivating an inclusive environment where every person can flourish.

Our dedication to being one of the best employers for women underscores our mission to create a workplace that reflects the true richness of talent and promotes gender equality across all levels of the organisation.

In 2020 we implemented a 40:40:20 approach to achieving gender diversity. This means a target of 40% female and 40% male representation across the organisation – the board, executive management, head of, middle management and the workforce generally – with the remaining 20% open to male, female or those identifying as another gender such as non-binary.

In 2022 we had approximately 51% female and 49% male employees - an amazing achievement we are proud of. We remain committed to meeting targets at all levels, with a continued focus on building a diverse leadership pipeline, targeting gender balanced short lists, and increasing female representation on succession plans.


 Gender diversity

2022 target

2022 results

AMP Limited Board (%)



Executive management (%)



Head Of (%)

40 39
Middle management (%)



Workforce generally (%)



At AMP we encourage our team members to include their personal pronouns in their signatures to vocalise inclusion and support for our transgender and non-binary employees.

A sense of unity and a passion for connecting

While we have many formal I&D practices, much of our team’s affinity is driven by a shared passion for causes and activities that bring us together. Whether it’s one of our formal employee resource groups, or informal yoga, book club, or ‘coffee connects’, you’ll find peers that include and welcome you wherever you go. 

Driving our commitment

AMP Inclusion and Diversity Council

Made up of a diverse array of backgrounds, experiences, and business areas, this dedicated group of employees and leaders come together to champion our cause. The Council works closely with our employee advocacy groups to pinpoint focal areas, propel and back initiatives throughout AMP, and guarantee continuous enhancement of our endeavours and approach. Our biennial I&D employee census helps us all understand the composition and needs of our workforce, providing invaluable insights for our Councils strategy and action plan. 


Open to everyone at AMP, AMProud is our employee led group recognising LGBTQ+ employees and allies. We host a number of events throughout the year providing opportunities to connect, learn and celebrate the importance of inclusion, as well as providing a series of tools and resources to support our rainbow community.

AMP is a member of Pride in Diversity and participates in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI).

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

AMP has a RAP community made up of employees who are passionate about reconciliation and contribute their time, knowledge and expertise. The RAP Committee consists of key leaders responsible for delivering AMP's RAP commitments, supported by working groups and RAP champions passionate about embedding reconciliation in the organisation and beyond.

Through AMP's Stretch RAP we aim to develop cultural understanding, create opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and proudly celebrate Australia's heritage. 

Where you could work

With a variety of working arrangements available and mixture of office and remote working – you’re empowered to find the right balance for you and your team, and encouraged to use flexibility as a tool to help you be at your best.

AMP's office locations



Quay Quarter Tower - Circular Quay. 50 Bridge Street, Sydney. Warrane, Gadigal Country


Jessie Street Centre. Level 2, 2-12 Macquarie Street, Parramatta. Burramattagal, Dharug Country  



One Melbourne Quarter (1MQ). 1MQ 699 Collins Street, Docklands. Naarm, Wurundjeri Country



Daisho Building. Level 6, 180 Ann Street, Brisbane. Meeanjin, Yuggera Turrbul Country

Check out our news-worthy head office in Circular Quay, Sydney. We have a long history of breaking the status quo when it comes to designing buildings, and our new-fangled home sets a new benchmark in sustainable design. Check out the views!