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Calling all students (well, almost all students)

The AMP University Challenge is a unique opportunity to combine your technical knowledge with your communication skills in a real-world scenario.

The purpose of the AMP University Challenge is to showcase how exciting and fulfilling this industry can be, and to help you experience first-hand what it takes to be successful as a financial adviser. In other words, this assists you to see if this is the right career for you, and if it is, you can dive right in when you complete your studies.

Will you be there? Will you demonstrate your problem-solving and financial planning prowess? Judged by a panel of industry experts, this is your chance to shine.

The AMP University Challenge is a competition open to all students currently studying either part time or full time at an Australian university or an equivalent Australian tertiary institution, except for those employed by the AMP Group of Companies or that are (or have been) representatives of any financial services entity*.

Following the tremendous success of last year's AMP University Challenge, the competition is again offered over two semesters.

First semester students:

  • Your case study will be sent to you on Monday, 7th March 2022.
  • You'll have until Monday, 2nd May 2022 to submit your discussion papers.

Second semester students:

  • Your case study will be sent to you on Monday, 18th July 2022.
  • You'll have until Monday 12th September 2022 to submit your discussion papers.

To enter the competition,
complete the application form

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2022 AMP University Challenge timeline

What's involved in the AMP University Challenge?

The competition consists of two main components:

Step 1: Submit a discussion paper

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Prepare a discussion paper that provides strategic financial advice on a hypothetical case study. The top five discussion papers will be selected by our panel of experts, and those five Entries will advance through to the Finals day.

Step 2: Virtual Finals day

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Once our judges have reviewed all the discussion papers, the top five Entries will be invited to a virtual Finals day held on Thursday, 20 October 2022.

The Virtual Finals day will involve:

  • a fun and interactive technical quiz
  • a presentation of your team's strategic recommendations to a client (it won't be a real client, but you'll need to act as if it is!)
  • feedback on your client engagement and presentation skills
  • a presentation  where the winners of the AMP University Challenge will be announced.

The judging panel will be comprised of a mix of practising financial advisers and industry representatives.

Technical quiz (20%)

This fun and interactive quiz will consist of multiple-choice questions in different financial planning categories assessed across various levels of difficulty. Some will be easy, but others will put your skills to the test. The quiz will account for 20% of all available marks to be allocated on the Virtual Finals day. If entering as a team you will need to nominate one member to participate in this assessment.

Presentation (80%)

Each team of finalists will present their discussion paper as well as a short industry related presentation and this will contribute the remaining 80% of available marks. Our staff at AMP, who have a wealth of experience in financial planning, will act as the clients. Your role will be to deliver the findings of your discussion paper to these ‘clients’ as well as address the judges on your views regarding an industry related topic (which will be advised pre-Finals day).

To enter the competition,
complete the application form

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Important information

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* Employees of the AMP Group of Companies, as well as their immediate families are ineligible to enter. In addition, Authorised Representatives and Representatives (at any time) of any Australian Financial Services Licensee are ineligible to enter.

Terms and conditions

Please follow this link to view the AMP University Challenge terms and conditions.

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