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Find My Lost Super

People often change jobs, address, or even forget about previous funds into which they have been paid super. You may not recall where your super has been paid, however, there are special services set up to search through the records of these fund managers to help find your lost super.

Finding super money that you may have forgotten about or didn't know you had is a great way to make a difference to your super. Typically, super gets lost when people move house, change jobs or their name and don't notify the super fund of their new details. Then they forget about the fund.

Our Flexible Lifetime Super Easyis a straightforward super account for individuals wanting a simple-to-understand and affordable super account that can be accessed online and provides the chance to find and consolidate existing super accounts and cut back on fees.

AMP can help you find lost super.  If you find super that's yours, you can consolidate it into your existing AMP account.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has estimated that there is some $7.1 billion worth of lost super waiting to be claimed. Some of this could be yours to find!

To assist you in finding lost super, we will conduct regular searches for lost super on your behalf. To do this, we will send personal information such as your full name, date of birth, address, and tax file number (if held) to the ATO.

We believe that information on possible entitlement to lost super is relevant to the vast majority of our customers. However if for any reason you do not want us to conduct a search on your behalf, please let us know by email or phone within 30 days of receiving this Annual Report.

We will use your name in the search process as it appears in our records. If you want the search conducted using a previous surname, send an email to us, with your member number, previous name, and current name.

Your information will be matched against the ATO databases of the lost member register, unredeemed superannuation guarantee and the superannuation holding account reserve.

If lost super monies are found for you, we will mail the results to you.

If no match is made, you will not receive a notification from us and you should assume that no super monies were found for you.