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Dreaming of retirement? Start planning today.

Retirement isn't what it used to be. Australians are living longer, healthier and more active lives in retirement. How will you choose how to spend your time?

What will your first day of retirement look like? Have you considered how you'll fund the lifestyle you're dreaming of? While you're still working, you may have more flexibility to make changes and more opportunity to boost your retirement savings.

AMP customers planning their retirement


There's a lot to think about when planning your retirement. 

For many people, their big concerns are whether they'll be able to maintain their lifestyle, and if they'll have enough money. But before you can answer those questions you'll need to understand what retirement may look like for you.

  • What type of lifestyle do you want in retirement?
  • How will you spend your time? How will your partner spend theirs?
  • Are there any 'must haves' on your dream list?
  • When you're not working do you expect your living costs to go up or down?
  • Have you estimated how much you'll need a week to live on?
  • Be honest with your finances. Take a good look - will you have enough?
  • Are there things you can be doing today that will boost your retirement savings?
  • How will you manage your transition to retirement?

The sooner you start planning the better chance you have of getting the retirement lifestyle you want.

An AMP Financial Planner can help you by bringing the right knowledge, expertise and guidance to identify and reach your retirement goals. 


Do you know your retirement number?

Do you know how much you need to live the retirement you want? If the answer is no - you're not alone. 

Many people don't know how long their money will last or how much money they'll need to live the lifestyle they want.


What's my number?

It's more than just money

Knowing your number could help you to make decisions for a better retirement. Your retirement number is more than just money (although that certainly helps); it's what you want to do in retirement. It's the places you want to travel, it's eating out with friends, and it's the time you spend with your family.

Also consider the help of an expert AMP Financial Planner when working out your retirement number. Your AMP financial planner can help you explore tailored solutions to help and provide the confidence you need to 'own your tomorrow.'


Your retirement guide

The What's your number? e-guide contains information and strategies to help you reach your retirement goals and live the retirement lifestyle you want.  Chapters include:

  • Working out your number
  • Reaching your number
  • Retirement countdown
  • Life in retirement
  • Help with the numbers

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AMP can help

At AMP, we've been helping people plan for, pay for and enjoy retirement since we were founded back in 1849.

Our financial planners work not just on the financial aspects of retirement - the super, insurance and retirement income issues - but can also help you identify your retirement goals and manage your lifestyle in retirement.

Whatever aspect of retirement you want to talk about, an AMP Financial Planner can help you find the answer and create a plan to reach your retirement goals.


Choosing a planner is easier than you think

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