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Help to manage your existing SMSF

Managing your own super gives you control of your financial future, but it can be a lot of work. Our fund administration service can really lighten your load.

Why AMP SMSF Solutions?

AMP SMSF Solutions makes it easy for you to run your own SMSF. We help keep the day-to-day paperwork in check so you have the time and freedom to focus on what matters to you.


Know what's happening with your super

Your secure, online dashboard brings together tools to help you manage your fund. Using our facilities, all your transactions are interconnected and streamlined. This gives you control over your investments, your tasks, contributions and pensions. At a glance, you can see the information you need to help you get your super working for you.

We'll look after your paperwork

AMP SMSF Solutions helps look after the compliance and administration of your super fund. We manage your fund's paperwork for you, such as agendas, minutes, trust deed, death benefit nominations, asset titles, the annual financial and member statements, and other statutory reporting.

AMP SMSF Solutions will lodge the fund's tax returns and other reporting with the Australian Taxation Office. We can also arrange the independent audit each year and help you when you need actuarial services.

Your easy way to transfer to AMP

Simply select our online fund transfer option and AMP SMSF Solutions will do most of the work to transfer your SMSF into our administration service. We can also help you with any changes you would like to make to your fund, including changes to your trust deed, the structure of your fund, opening a bank account if needed, selecting an auditor or linking your current facilities to our service.

Your investment strategy

You set your investment strategy and we will monitor the fund's performance against it. If you move outside your strategy we'll send you an alert. You can change your investments to suit the strategy, or change the strategy itself, all online. You can even see exactly what's in each sector. Your investment strategy minutes are created and emailed to all trustees and signing them is simple as no paperwork's required - just a password.

Managing your contributions and pension

There are limits on how much you can contribute to your super each year without incurring penalty taxes. AMP SMSF Solutions will monitor the contributions you make to your fund and send you an alert if you're approaching your contribution limits.

AMP can also help you set up your pension or a transition to retirement strategy. With our convenient pension card, you can withdraw your pension at ATMs within Australia and overseas. We'll also send you alerts to help you keep within your minimum and maximum pension levels for each financial year.

Your tasks

To help you keep on track, we will let you know if there are any administration or compliance tasks you need to attend to, such as signing minutes. You can choose how you would prefer to be notified - by email, text message or post. You can also create a task for us to action if you need our help.

Help when you need it

Our specailist SMSF team is here to help you. Just email or pick up the phone to ask questions and get help on the day-to-day management of your super with personalised, professional support.

Keep up-to-date

You will have access to our educational tools and resources, so that you can learn more about SMSFs and investing. You can also choose to receive regular communications to help you keep up-to-date with the latest legislative changes, key SMSF strategies and investment options

Administration packages - at a glance

With AMP SMSF Solutions you can choose the administration package that best meets your needs. And as your needs change, so can the package you use.

Packages Essentials Package Platinum Package
Which package is right for me? A simple SMSF solution with access to all the SMSF essentials. Includes a combination of specially selected banking and investment solutions. Greater flexibility to suit more complex investment strategies and regular share trading. Features unlimited investment choice.
What are the key features?    
Easy SMSF transfer
Online dashboard to view your SMSF and investments
Administration, compliance and tax
What can I invest in?    
Bank account AMP SuperEdge Cash Account Choice of bank account
Choice of investments A wide choice of investments through the Personalised Portfolio Service and a broad range of term deposits through Australian Money Market Unlimited choice of investments
(subject to superannuation rules)
Property assets Add a single property Suitable for multiple properties
What are the ongoing costs? These fees do not include costs associated with buying or selling assets. Eg buying or selling shares, investment management fees, etc.
Administration $162.50 per month $237.50 per month
Trading and investments Personalised Portfolio Service platform fee from $68.45 per month1 Your choice of trading or investment platform (check costs with your provider. eg Desktop Broker)
Property $300 per year First property included in package
$300 per year for each additional property
Other investments Additional fees may apply where AMP cannot source investment information electronically Additional fees may apply where AMP cannot source investment information electronically
Annual audit From $180 each year From $280 each year
  • Minimum monthly platform fee. Starts from $2.25 per day.