How do I deposit a cheque or a bank cheque?



If you have an Access Card on your account, you can deposit cheques1 and cash at any Australia Post outlet displaying the Bank@PostTM sign.

You don't need to complete any forms, simply present the cheque(s) and/or cash at the Australia Post outlet. They will ask you to insert your card into the machine, select your account and enter your PIN.

The funds will go into your account straight away however will not be accessible until the cheque is cleared.


Mail the cheque to us

If you have a deposit book on your account, simply complete and send to us with your cheque.

You can also post the cheque to us even if you don't have a deposit book. Simply write your account name and account number on the back of the cheque and mail it to us at:


AMP Bank Ltd

Locked Bag 5059

Parramatta NSW 2124

AMP Bank Ltd

Reply Paid 79702

Parramatta NSW 2124


1 Cheques need to be payable to yourself and must match the name on your Access Card for Australia Post to accept them.