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MyNorth Pension allows you to invest your superannuation benefits to help you in retirement when you need both regular income and ongoing capital growth to make sure you can maintain the lifestyle you want.

You also have the ability to transition to retirement with a non-commutable allocated pension (NCAP). An NCAP allows you to access your super (provided you are of preservation age) while you are still in the workforce. And members of MyNorth Super can easily transfer their benefits to MyNorth Pension without the need to sell their assets.

MyNorth Pension has a new payment planner where you can invest your savings and we'll calculate pension amounts for you each year, designed to help your money last until a target age you choose. So you're free to enjoy your more active years of retirement. Contact your adviser for more information.

MyNorth Pension may suit if you’re:

  • after a wide range of investment options that you can access from one online account
  • transitioning to retirement or keen on a regular income in retirement 
  • looking for an investment that protects your income.

Here’s what you get:

  • access to over 380 managed funds, term deposits and direct shares 
  • flexible pricing including low-cost options 
  • access to guarantee options
  • one award-winningand online account to monitor and report on all your investments 24/7
  • comprehensive reporting on your account performance, capital gains tax reporting, investment performance, rate of return and Centrelink schedule.

For any help or questions, call us on:

1800 667 841

Monday to Friday
8.30am – 8pm (AEST)

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Choosing the right financial adviser is an important decision, which is why AMP has developed a tool that enables you to find an expert who is right for you.

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Get involved in planning your retirement

MyNorth Pension gives you control and flexibility over your retirement funds. With a choice of over 360 managed funds, direct access to shares, exchange traded funds (ETFs), as well as term deposits from four different bank providers, you can build a portfolio that is both low cost and able to meet your investment goals.


How to protect your retirement

MyNorth Pension offers a Protected Retirement guarantee that lets you remain fully invested in select investment options, while still giving you the security of a guaranteed retirement income for life.

This basically means your income is guaranteed even if you run out of your own money during your retirement. Also, any investment earnings are locked in every year, increasing your level of guaranteed income. How’s that for a secure retirement?

My retirement simulator

Find out what your annual retirement income might be, how long your money may last and what you can do to maintain your lifestyle when you retire.


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Protection for you and your family

For most people, life insurance is an important part of any financial plan. Without life insurance, you and your family may not be able to continue the lifestyle you have worked hard to provide in the event of death or illness. MyNorth Pension gives you access to AMP Elevate insurance plans, so that you and your loved ones are covered.

Speak to a financial adviser about the types and amount of protection you may need and how to tailor a plan to fit your personal situation.

To stay up to date about how your product is tracking, take a look at its performance and unit prices.

Before selecting a super fund, there are a range of factors that you should consider (not merely past performance). You should also read the product disclosure statement. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.


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  1. MyNorth won Chant West's 2017 Advised Product of the Year award. For further information about the methodology used by Chant West, see