What three steps can help me decide whether to sell?


Moving home involves a lot more than just money. You may be more attached to your current home than you realise and the transition can be more emotionally challenging than financially or practically. On the other hand, you may find the prospect of moving once and for all liberating and exciting.

Either way, it’s helpful to make sure you’re mentally prepared for all that moving may involve. Here are three tips that may help make the decision—and your move if you decide to sell—easier:

Assess your needs

  • Decide what you need by considering your daily lifestyle activities and preferences.

Seek advice

A financial adviser can advise you about more than the financial impact of moving home—he or she will be able to help you:

  • develop a clearer picture of your future plans and options
  • make a decision with your end goal in mind
  • work out how much money you’re likely to end up with after selling your home and how it can help you in the long term
  • help ensure you’ll have enough money to meet your retirement goals.

Try before you buy

Search the internet for house sitting or rental options so you can experience the impact of moving away from your current area and possibly seeing less of your friends and family. If you’re staying in the same area you could try reorganising your home as if it were smaller—lock up some rooms and store things you won’t be able to take with you. You may find you’ll miss the space or that you’re ready to live with less.


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