7 tips for getting ahead in the new financial year

Take control of your finances now for the new financial year.

If you set yourself money goals at the start of 2017, the upcoming new financial year is a great time to check if you’re on track.

And if you didn’t set any goals – or if you have strayed off track – this is the perfect time to get organised, write a checklist and stick with it!

Don’t wait until 1 July to start. Kick off now with these practical tips:

1. Set some goals

Think about what you want to achieve this financial year. Is it to save for something special, to curb your spending or to reduce your debts? Once you know what you’re aiming for you can set and achieve your goals.

2. Understand where your money goes

If you’re running out of money before payday, or you’d just like to get a better understanding of where your money goes, it’s probably a good idea to start tracking your spending.

There are lots of good tools and apps to do this. If you’re an AMP customer, our new Money Manager tool makes tracking your money easy.

By logging into our secure site you can pull in information on all your AMP and non-AMP accounts so you can see what’s happening across your accounts. It also has some great reports to help you pinpoint where your money goes and how you might be able to make savings.

To access Money Manager, register or login to My AMP and select ‘manage non-AMP accounts’.

3. Set a budget

Get serious about managing your budget.

If you don’t already have a budget, now’s a good time to set one. Use our budget calculator to work out your expenditure and find out how much you could put aside each payday.

4. Get your super sorted

Find out if you have any lost super and how you can consolidate it to avoid paying multiple fees.

Or read about how you can boost your super and possibly lower your tax bill.

5. Consolidate your debt

Now might be the time to get rid of extra credit cards and opt for a single card with a lower interest rate and less fees. See Canstar for a comparison of credit cards.

If you have a home loan, consider increasing your loan amount and using the extra money to pay off your other debts. A home loan usually has a lower interest rate than debts such as credit cards, so this will help you to avoid paying higher interest rates.

If you don’t have a home loan, consider getting a personal loan at a lower interest rate to help you pay off your debts sooner.

6. See where you can make savings on big ticket items

Take advantage of end of financial year sales to buy big ticket items, such as cars, whitegoods or furniture. And be sure to do your research on products and prices, shop around and don’t be afraid to bargain.

Make sure you get the best rates available on your frequent bills such as insurance and energy. Use comparison websites, such as comparethemarket.com.au to compare product benefits and costs and check Canstar to see how your interest rates and financial products stack up.

7. Commit to better money habits

To make managing your money easier, you may like to try our new AMP Bett3r account with three linked accounts to help you separate your bills, savings and spending money easily.

Resolve to curb any costly bad habits that can drain your finances, such as paying for things that you can do yourself. Do you really need to outsource house cleaning or washing the car?

And read about how to plug any money leaks in your budget and boost your bank balance.

What else should you think about?

Working on your finances can be a bit daunting at any time, not just when the new financial year is drawing close. 

So if you’d like help with working out your financial goals, you might want to consider getting professional advice. You can find an adviser in your local area or call us on 131 267 so we can put you in touch with someone who can help.

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