The moving house checklist

Find out how you can make your next move hassle-free.

Moving house can be fun – it’s all new, you can furnish it the way you want, meet new neighbours and try new restaurants.

But if you’re not careful, all that excitement can easily give way to stress and panic, if you don’t plan ahead.

Moving house can also be a big burden on finances – if you’re renting, there’s bond and deposits to cover and if you’re buying there will likely be a significant list of upfront and ongoing costs.

So, here’s a checklist for moving house to reduce your stress levels:

4-6 weeks before moving

  • Get utilities connected. Confirm your day of moving and arrange to have your utilities (electricity, gas, phone etc) connected by the day you move in.
  • Update your insurances. You’ll want your new home (and its contents) to be insured from the day it’s officially yours. Just make sure you’re not paying double premiums on your old and new home. 
  • Book the removalist. Some removalists charge by the hour, so you could save by doing some of the light work yourself or disassembling bigger items such as beds and cabinets. Or find someone who can give you a quote for a total fee – so you know what you’re paying right from the start.
  • Remove the excess. Before your move, get rid of anything you’re unlikely to need in your new property to make your move cheaper. You don’t need to throw things away, you can sell them on eBay, Gumtree or Sell Buy Swap and generate money to offset the cost of moving. 
  • Take care of your admin. Redirect your mail, update your contact details (licence, bank etc), discontinue delivery services and change your electoral office. If you’re moving a long distance, get copies of your records from your family doctor, dentist and vet.

1-2 weeks before moving

  • Plan where things will go. It will make it easier (and quicker) for your removalists if you’ve pre-planned where things are supposed to go. Sure you may want to move them later, but if you can get most of your big items in the right places it’ll save you money and time. 
  • Organise the kids or pets. Arrange to have the kids and pets stay with parents or friends. Having them out of the way gives you that extra freedom to focus on the job at hand. It can also prevent potential accidents with kids/animals getting in the way of removalists with large and heavy boxes.

The day before moving

  • Pack essentials. Collect essential items (like a change of clothes, kettle, coffee, mugs, plates, cutlery, snacks, medications and important documents etc) for moving day. Put a big “Do not pack” sign on it, so it won’t be accidentally packed in the removalist’s van!
  • Dismantle your furniture. Make sure all your furniture is ready to go on moving day. This not only reduces stress for yourself, but also reduces the amount of money you need to pay for removalists.
  • Defrost the fridge. Pack what you need to take into an esky with ice and unplug the fridge. Put a towel on the floor to collect any residue water.

D-day (moving day)

  • Collect the keys! And if you have some spare time, make some moving trips in the car to save you and your removalists time. 
  • Make your bed. So you’ll have somewhere to rest your weary head when you are exhausted from unpacking. Keep sheets, doonas and pillows in big storage bags so they are easy to find among all the boxes. 
  • Have some extra cash on hand. To pay for food, drinks or other items you might need on the day.

What else?

  • If you’re buying your house, think about whether it’s time to refinance. Check out AMP Bank’s latest offers on home loans.
  • If you want to start afresh when you move, think about how you could start saving for some new furniture or a renovation. Try our savings calculator to find out how much you could put aside.
  • If you want to be debt free in your new place, contact a financial adviser to find out how they could help you to achieve your goal.

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