Video: Investing in uncertain times

Investing always comes with a degree of risk but with 2016 taking off on such a rocky start, the future seems quite unpredictable.

Shane Oliver, AMP Capital’s Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, and Paul Clitheroe AM share their insights on how to maintain a level head when faced with such uncertainty.

They’ll also discuss the possibility of gaining high returns without facing high risk, the need to diversify and the mix of assets that you should hold in your portfolio.

Watch this video and consider their tips to help you gain greater confidence when investing in turbulant times.

• What’s the key to successful investing?
• Is it better to invest in growth assets or take a conservative approach?
• Can you invest in the short term to make a capital gain or is it better to focus on the longer term?
• Is it possible to get high returns without having high risk?
• Do you still need to diversify your investments in this environment?
• What mix of asset classes should your hold in your investment portfolio?


What is active management?

Are you curious about active management and whether it could it help you achieve success in your investment portfolio?

Watch Paul and Shane discuss the potential benefits of active management next.

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