Video: Investing inside super

You have more control over your super than you might think.

The way you’re investing your super now is important because it can affect how you live in retirement.

Watch our video (2.39) to find out how making good investment decisions with your super can help you plan for a better tomorrow.

Jessica from AMP discusses what you need to know about investment types, investor styles and external factors that can affect your super.

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About this video

In this video, Jessica from AMP shares some insights about investing inside your superannuation.

Superannuation is a very significant asset. You begin attracting super when you start your first job and it accumulates until you retire–typically twenty to thirty years or more. It could make a huge difference to the way you live in retirement.

You have more control over your super than you might think. You can:

  • Make a choice on how your money is invested or you can accept your super fund’s default investment option
  • Choose what level of risk you are comfortable with (generally, the higher the level of return, the higher the risk). But remember, past performance is not always a reliable indicator of future performance.

If you decide to invest inside your super, you need to consider your own circumstances, before making any investment decisions. A financial adviser can help you figure out your comfort level with risk and guide you on your investment journey.

There are also some tools on that can help you work out what type of investor you are and the risk you are prepared to take.

For many of us, the Age Pension alone will not deliver the standard of living we would like to live in retirement.

And that’s what super’s all about – making good investment decisions today so we can future proof our tomorrow.

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