Best tips from our readers on how to avoid a wedding budget blowout

Read about how to save money when planning for the big day.

Need some guidance on how to avoid a wedding budget blowout? Recently we asked our readers to tell us their best tips on how to shave off those extravagant extras without cutting back on life’s little luxuries for the big day.

Here we share our 10 favourite budget-saving tips to help anyone who might be planning an upcoming wedding. For more information, check out our page on budgeting & saving.

  1. DIY - where possible, do-it-yourself (DIY) may cut down a large amount of costs and allow you to indulge in other areas. 
  2. Get help from family & friends – call on the people around you to be involved - that way you can save a bit of money and talented friends and family can use their talents as wedding gifts and those that don't can always contribute to the honeymoon instead.
  3. Give new talent a go - choose an up-and-coming photographer who needs work to put into their portfolio–the most expensive photographer isn't necessarily the best! Generally people know what type of photography they want, so select the photographer based on that instead.
  4. Be selective - choose three main things you would like to concentrate on. Then make do around everything else.
  5. BYO - Opt for venues you can supply the alcohol for.
  6. Do your homework - research is the key–and then do more research, it’s the best way to avoid expensive mistakes.
  7. Go direct - instead of ordering flowers through a florist, buy your flowers directly from the flower markets. You can decorate your own tables with flowers from the flower market. Even if you can't make a bouquet, scattering rose petals is easy and you’ll find lots of willing hands to help!
  8. Think differently – could you have a big engagement party for everyone and small wedding for close family and friends? A small wedding reception could be held in a nice restaurant.
  9. Hire rather than buy – Hire instead of buying that designer wedding dress – you are only wearing it once after all.
  10. Be realistic and logical - don't get caught up in the "wedding" buzz. Ask yourself–can you remember anyone else’s wedding invites, centrepieces or dove release ceremony? Probably not. Stay within your budget without being worried you don't have the biggest/best/most of everything, the important thing is the people that will be there, you special day and enjoying yourself.

Still need to save?

Try our budget planner calculator to work out how much you will need to put aside. Or check out our education module to give you some tips on managing your money.

Need more help?

If you want professional advice, speak to your adviser or call us on 131 267 so we can put you in touch with a financial adviser to help you sort out your finances before the big day and for your life beyond, it could very well be the best wedding present ever.

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