9 travel hacks for a hassle-free holiday

Check out our tips for making the most of your next trip.

You’ve picked the holiday destination. You’ve memorised the guidebook. Now there’s only one thing standing between you and that sun-drenched beach: organising it all.

But don’t worry. Whether you’re planning to jet off for a long weekend or a fortnight with the family, we’ve come up with nine travel hacks to make your hard-earned break a breeze.

Use private browsing

Planning to book flights and hotels online? Some travel sites track the time you spend on their site by installing cookies on your browser, then raise prices if it’s clear you’re a repeat visitor. Be sure to enable private browsing on your web browser and clear cookies before you book.

Avoid buying tickets on a weekend

While you may have more time over the weekend to iron out your travel plans, it’s probably not the best time to book flights. Airlines and travel sites anticipate this and as a result, prices start to climb from Fridays and are generally at their highest over the weekend1. Also, special deals are often launched on a Monday but again, don’t often last through to Friday.

Access your map offline 

Instead of carrying around physical paper maps that are vulnerable to rain and tearing, learn how to access your map apps offline. You can either take a screenshot of the map showing the city/area you’re visitingn - you’ll find the screenshot in your photos folder. Or if you’re using Google Maps, you can save maps offline via a number of methods like typing "Ok maps" into the search bar2.

Copy your passport

Before you travel, scan your passport and email it to yourself so that you can print it out if your passport is lost or stolen. This will help speed up the replacement process.

Roll to make more room

Rolling your clothes military-style saves heaps of space, or you could even use space-compressible plastic bags to push out excess air. Also, check ahead for laundry facilities. Airbnb accommodation often includes these at no extra cost, but even if there’s a charge, if it’s affordable, perhaps you don’t need to pack as much.

Use alternative chargers

Forgot your charger in the packing rush? Don’t panic. You can always charge your device using the USB connector port on your hotel room’s TV, or at free charging points at airports or even on the plane.

Bring an external battery for your mobile phone

Exploring and photographing holiday attractions can drain your phone pretty quickly, especially if you’re also relying on it to be your GPS. Take an external power pod and if you're doing a road trip, invest in a car charger.

Check your credit card for perks

You never know, your credit card may entitle you to a few perks. Hotel room upgrades, for instance, or access to airline lounges you’re not aware of.

Get better rates with an ATM

Use an ATM to withdraw cash when you’re travelling abroad, as some bank ATMs can offer the best conversion rates and charge the lowest fees.

We’re here to help

Many of us work to tight holiday budgets, so it can be reassuring if you know you won’t be spending more than you’ve saved while you’re away. Money shouldn’t be a cloud over these precious times – holidays are well-deserved treats.

Plan ahead to make sure your trip goes without a hitch. Use our budget planner calculator to work out how much you can set aside for travel, and the AMP Bett3r account to help you save for your holiday.

Happy holidays!

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