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Tips for travelling with kids and making sure the time away is great for everyone!

Whether you’re setting off in the car or boarding a plane or train, our tips can help make sure your travels are fun for adults and children alike.

A good place to start is by building excitement together. Do some planning with the kids and find out what interests them. Check out Urban Adventure’s website if you’re looking for intrepid adventures for the whole family and get some travel advice for those with younger children from Rough Guides.

A bit of home goes a long way

One way to make the time away from home enjoyable for everyone is to make sure the kids are happy. A few familiar items can make a big difference to younger children whose world as they know it suddenly disappears.

Having favourite and familiar toys, blankets or games on hand can help your child ease into all that’s new—just make sure they don’t get lost!

If you’re aiming to fly somewhere, you may be able to preserve some of a young child’s familiar routines. Most airlines carry items like a pram, cot or car seat free of charge—check them in and then pick them up when you arrive at your destination.

Give and take

Travelling can be tiring and stressful for children and adults alike, especially if you’re on the go all the time. Plan ahead for periods of down-time so you can recharge for the next adventure.

And when it comes to creating a sense of shared fun and making children feel part of it all, never underestimate the power of a board game! Children and teens who feel included and engaged can be happy to join in with otherwise less-exciting adult pursuits, and willing to experience new things.

The bottom line

Everyone has their own preferences and needs; both adults and children. What’s more, the high cost of living in Australia, falling Aussie dollar and costs of travelling during school holidays means it pays to plan well in advance.

Find ways to get more for your money in our article about travelling on a budget and if house-swapping is an option, consider the HomeLink website and Aussie House Swap website.

Whatever type of holiday you’re planning, aim to set aside as much money as you can and reach your holiday savings goals with our budget planner. Consider the costs of travelling at particular times of year—school holidays can be among the most expensive and if you’re planning to travel during the term, some schools have strict rules about extended absences during school terms, so check this in advance.

Ready, set, go checklist

Before heading off:

  1. Set up a savings account to build your holiday funds and reach your savings goals sooner using our budget planner. Remember to plan for unexpected changes in exchange rates just in case.
  2. Ensure each traveller takes any necessary vaccines before take-off and seek out travel insurance—it can save you money if things don’t go to plan.
  3. Being prepared for the potential impacts of departure and arrival times, and time zone changes on children’s sleep and other routines.
  4. Consider the packing tips of a professional traveller and parent—visit the Lonely Planet website. Remember to be mindful of local customs if heading overseas. Gather the paperwork when travelling abroad—valid passports and birth certificates for younger children.
  5. Visit the Smart Traveller website to check for government-issued health and safety warnings and seek advice from travel agents, friends and family members about your travel destination. Also, get to know local customs if they apply such as appropriate dress or words or phrases to avoid.   

Travel offers one of the best ways to learn for young and old, and the experiences and memories from those adventures can last a lifetime. Remember to plan ahead and most importantly, safe and happy travels!

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