Life needn’t be a juggling act

7 tips for balancing time, money and those endless to-do lists...


Work-life balance is a hot topic these days. So much to do, so little time…

When you’re juggling life, work and family commitments it can be challenging to find five minutes to stop let alone simplify your life.

The good news is we’ve found some ways to help. Read our top seven tips―you could save hours and hours to make room for what really matters.

1. Unload your tasks

Airtasker is an online community notice board you can download as an app. It allows you to post jobs and find people to do just about anything from assembling Ikea furniture and mowing the lawn to transporting a chair and writing a cover letter.

2. Delegate the dusting

It may be worth paying a regular cleaner so you can wash your hands of household chores once and for all. You’d have more time and energy for your family or your work, and a sparkling house to come home to. Your cleaner may even save you more time by changing the sheets, folding your laundry and feeding the pets too.

3. Dial for dinner

If you’re not keen on cooking or simply don’t have the time, have meals prepared and delivered by professionals. Find an online service like Dinner ladies and you’ll be able to have a night off and feed your family at the push of a button!

4. Hire a nanny

Employing a nanny is a popular option. Childcare and afterschool care can be costly and not always provide what you need. A dedicated nanny works well for some families and what’s more, you don’t have to spend time driving or dropping off with caring for the kids happening at home. Try an online site like

5. Synchronise your life

Apps like Google Calendar can help you make the most of your time with appointments, flights, bookings and restaurant reservations moving into your calendar automatically. Connecting with friends or loved ones can be simple too. Links to multiple calendars lets you see what everyone’s up to when making plans.

6. Do your admin online

Switch to online statements and banking if you haven’t already—it may sound obvious but if you ever spend time at the post office or bank, consider embracing digital options that save time. Keep track of your finances while you’re on the go with our mobile and iPad apps or consider sites like Money Brilliant that give you a bird’s eye view of all your investments and accounts in one place.

7. Take a holiday from travel planning

Whether it’s comparing airfares and hotel prices or finding the right villa in Provence, personal travel planners are available online to help bring your travel plans to life. Find the right one for you and all you’ll need to do is pack!

And the cost?

Depending on the type and amount of outsourcing you choose, costs can mount. But you may have options you haven’t thought of. A teenage nephew, the in-laws or an auntie may be able to help with things like household chores or babysitting.

You may be able to work out ways to barter or pay a reduced rate to people you know so you only have to buy time where you really want to. 

Find a financial planner and use our budget calculator to see how outsourcing could fit into your life so you can free up more time for the things that matter. 

Budget planner calculator

Use our Budget planner calculator to assess your current financial position. 

Start budgeting today

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