It’s time to shape up!

Men's Health Week is a great time to get healthy and fit...

If you’re like many Australian men, it’s easy to take a ‘She’ll be right’ attitude to your health. After all, you’re busy with your career and your family. But it’s important to take your health seriously.

Men's Health Week from June 15-21 is a great way to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

So if you have a niggling health concern, now’s the time to get it checked out. And even if you feel in reasonable condition, it’s worth visiting the doctor for a check-up.

There are events planned all across the country so there’s no excuse not to get involved.

  • A men’s Mastery Retreat in New South Wales
  • A six-week men’s Pledge to Parkrun fitness program in Kalgoorlie
  • A workshop in Cairns
  • A fun run in Mackay
  • A men’s health business breakfast in Melbourne
  • A free screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms in South Australia.

Get fit, healthier and protect yourself

If you’re an Australian man—or your partner is—here are some tips to improve your health and lifestyle.

  • Get checked out. There’s no excuse not to go to the doctor for regular check-ups. Early diagnosis can help prevent or treat many illnesses and diseases—a cholesterol check, a skin cancer check, a prostate examination and a six monthly dental check-up.
  • Get fit. Rather than setting ambitious targets that mean you’ll inevitably come up short, it could be better to start with baby steps. Track your progress towards a specific goal—whether it’s losing weight, setting a personal best or even fitting into an old pair of pants.
    • If you haven’t run for a while, start with a 2km jog.
    • If you haven’t gone to the gym for a while, start with two light 30-minute sessions a week. 
  • Get healthy. Back in the day, a couple of drinks or a big fatty meal didn’t make much difference. But the older you get, the more your bad habits can catch up with you. Start by making small, achievable differences.
    • If you’re finding it difficult to cut down on the booze, start with one alcohol free night a week.
    • If you’re trying to cut down on sugar, begin by cutting down to one small treat a day.
  • Get protected. Illness or injury can unfortunately strike at any time so insurance is a key component of your overall health. How would your family pay the bills, put food on the table and cover the home loan repayments if you were unable to work through illness or injury? Go to AMP’s Life Insurance Calculator to find out whether you have enough insurance to fully protect yourself and your family.
    • Life insurance can protect your family in the event of your death by helping them pay outstanding debts and maintain their lifestyle.
    • Income protection pays you a regular benefit to replace your income. 
    • Trauma insurance pays you a lump sum to help you adjust your lifestyle after you experience a serious illness or injury.
    • Total and permanent disability insurance pays you a lump sum if you can't work again due to illness or injury.
  • Get advice. An AMP financial adviser can help you work out if you have the right level of insurance to fully protect yourself and your family.

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