MyNorth now offers sustainable investing in a diversified managed portfolio to help your clients invest based on their values. Managers are hand selected by experts on their ability to meet their investment objectives, and how they integrate material environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in their investment and decision-making process while avoiding exposure to companies with material involvement in activities we consider negatively impact the environment or the community.

Guiding sustainability principles

The portfolio uses a responsible and sustainable framework for investing, and is guided by three principles:


Transition to a low carbon economy


Avoid material investments in thermal coal, tobacco, gambling, pornography and controversial weapons


Encourage sustainable social and environment outcomes for the community

Guide to ESG investing

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MyNorth Sustainable Managed Portfolio

The MyNorth Sustainable Managed Portfolio is offered by NMMT Limited (NMMT) and is managed by Pendal in partnership with the AMP Research team. It’s available from a MyNorth Super, Pension or Investment account. This snapshot provides a high-level summary and is subject to change from time to time. For full details and to understand all the fees payable refer to the relevant disclosure document and the MyNorth Managed Portfolios PDS. The MyNorth Sustainable Managed Portfolio may be suitable for clients seeking an investment which aims to deliver financial returns and contribute to making a positive sustainable change.

Risk band and Risk label 5/ Medium to High
Minimum investment horizon 5 years
Investment Objective The managed portfolio seeks to generate capital growth and income over the medium to long term through a diversified portfolio of growth and defensive assets.
Designed for The managed portfolio may be suitable for investors seeking an investment that aims to deliver financial returns and make a positive sustainable change.
Portfolio income Income will be reinvested
Benchmark Morningstar Australian Multisector Growth Average Category
Investment management fee 0.20% pa of your client’s portfolio balance that is deducted from their cash account
Estimated indirect costs 0.69% pa Indirect costs may be more or less than the estimated amounts and are reflected in the unit price of the underlying assets. Indirect costs may include management fees, performance-based fees, recoverable expenses, and costs of investing in derivatives.
Long-term target class asset allocation ranges   Min Max Expected long term average targets
Growth Assets  
Australian shares 7 37 30
International shares 16 46 30
Listed Property/ Infrastructure 0 25 4
Alternatives 0 22 15
Defensive Assets  
Australian fixed interest 0 29 8
International fixed interest 0 24 5
Cash 0 22 8

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Meet the experts

Drawing on the key strengths of the Regnan, Pendal and the AMP Research Team, we’ve designed a well-informed multi-manager sustainable managed portfolio. Hear more from the experts involved in the portfolio.

MyNorth Sustainability Managed Portfolio

Hear from AMP’s Lara Bourguignon and Pendal’s Richard Brandweiner about the growing demand for ESG investing and the MyNorth Sustainability Managed Portfolio.

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Pendal’s multi-asset team

Hear from Pendal’s Michael Blayney on how his multi-asset team incorporates sustainable processes and methodologies to manage the portfolio.

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Evolution of sustainable investment

Hear from Regnan’s Susheela Peresda Costa on the evolution of ESG investing.

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Process in selecting the investment managers

Hear from Isrin Khor from the AMP Research team on what’s involved in selecting the funds that go in the managed portfolio.

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Pendal Sustainable Australian Fixed Interest Fund

Hear from George Bishay Pendal’s Portfolio Manager on how they integrate ESG investing into their investment management processes and fixed interest assets they invest in.

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AMP Capital Global Property Securities Fund

Hear from James Maydrew AMP Capital’s Head of Global Listed Real Estate on how they integrate ESG investing into their investment management process.

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Alphinity Sustainable Share Fund

Hear from Stephane Andre Alphnity’s Principle Portfolio Manager on how they integrate ESG investing into their investment management processes and the shares they invest in.

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Ausbil climate change and policy

Hear from Mans Carlsson-Sweeny, Head of ESG at Ausbil on how climate change and policy can impact their investment management processes and the companies that they invest in.

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Important information

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Any advice does not take into account any person’s personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Before a person acts on any advice, they should consider the appropriateness of any advice before making a decision about a product and should consider the MyNorth Managed Portfolios Product Disclosure Statement available from or by contacting the North Service Centre on 1800 667 841.

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