The Quilla Managed Portfolios offer four diversified managed portfolios expertly constructed and managed by Quilla Consulting Pty Ltd (Quilla). They’re offered by NMMT Limited and are available via a financial adviser. For full details and fees payable, refer to the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS), the MyNorth Managed Portfolios PDS and MyNorth Managed Portfolios TMD.

Quilla Consulting Managed Portfolios

Quilla Income Generator Portfolio

Aims to deliver a predominantly income-based investment return of 2.5% pa above inflation over rolling 3-year periods.

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Quilla Wealth Accumulator Portfolio

Aims to deliver an investment return of 3.5% pa above inflation over rolling 5-year periods.

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Quilla Wealth Accelerator Portfolio

Aims to deliver an investment return of 4.5% pa above inflation over rolling 7-year periods.

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Quilla Wealth Accelerator Plus Portfolio

Aims to deliver a predominately income based investment return of 5% pa above inflation over rolling 7 year periods.

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Key benefits


Quilla believes that asset allocation is the main driver of performance of a well-diversified portfolio. The Quilla Managed Portfolios invest in a range of asset classes and use dynamic asset allocation with the goal of enhancing return and reducing risk.


 Available across MyNorth®, North®, Summit® and ipac iAccess®. Underlying assets can be transferred or switched in or out of chosen managed portfolio(s) with you maintaining beneficial ownership.

Investment management

Quilla will use their expertise to construct and manage a diversified portfolio of assets to agreed objectives. Quilla provides access to institutional grade investment capability, which is integrated in their managed portfolios.


Quilla believe that managed portfolios enable timely implementation of changes to mitigate risk and can maximise returns of the portfolios.


Quilla believe managed portfolios increase transparency for you, thus you can gain greater insights into the portfolios underlying investments, risk and return. You can track the performance of the underlying asset at any time on North Online.

What are the risks

  • The performance of the Quilla Managed Portfolios will depend on the performance of the assets in the managed portfolio. The managed portfolios offered are subject to risk, including possible delays in repayment and loss of income and capital. No member of the AMP group or the investment manager(s) guarantee the repayment of capital, payment of income or the performance of the managed portfolios chosen.
  • All investments carry a risk component. Risk in an investment context refers to the possibility that the investment will not return its original capital or expected income and that the level of return will be volatile over any given time period. This risk can include market risk, company risk, currency risk, interest rate and inflation risk. For more information on key risks, refer to the MyNorth Managed Portfolios PDS.

About Quilla

Quilla is an Australian owned, independent investment group, providing tried and trusted investment services to financial advice groups.
Quilla’s investment philosophy and processes are based on ‘it’s best not to lose money in the first place’. Their expertise encompasses global macroeconomic and financial market forecasting, strategic and dynamic asset allocation, portfolio construction and investment manager selection. Their team comprises fund management specialists, each with considerable experience in managing money including for blue chip organisations in Australia and offshore.
They act in the best interest of their clients by conducting their own research, building their own systems, and thinking for themselves to deliver valuable investment insights and supporting services.

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