IndexPlus combines the strength of index and active investing into a series of five managed portfolios. It may appeal to cost-conscious clients that are seeking to reduce the overall variability around market returns.

Index solutions

  • Core investments make up 60% of the portfolio
  • Help to lower costs and turnover to improve the tax and cost efficiency
  • Focused on long-term consistent returns
  • Diversified exposure to major asset classes.

Active solutions

  • The Plus is allocated across 40% of active satellite investments
  • Active strategies are managed by skilled managers
  • Potential of additional returns (but may be more volatile).

Cost-effective solution

  • Index solutions help to lower costs
  • On the Select investment menu
  • Discounted unit class
  • No investment management fees

IndexPlus Managed Portfolios

The IndexPlus Managed Portfolios are available in MyNorth Super, Pension or Investment accounts. For more details, please refer to this flyer or the MyNorth Managed Portfolio PDS and the MyNorth Managed Portfolio TMD.



Aims to provide stable return through a diversified portfolio of primarily defensive assets.

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Moderately aggressive

Aims to provide moderate high returns over the long term through a diversified portfolio of primarily growth assets and some defensive assets. 

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Moderately conservative

Aims to provide moderate returns over the medium term through a diversified portfolio of primarily defensive assets and some growth assets. 

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Aims to provide high long term returns through a diversified portfolio of primarily growth assets. 

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Aims to provide moderate to high returns over the medium to long term through a diversified portfolio of growth and defensive assets.

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