If you’re trying to save for something special, looking for an alternative to super, or want to ensure those who matter most are taken care of after you're gone, the AMP Growth Bond may have benefits while potentially reducing what you pay in tax.

Features & benefits

Easy to get started

you can start with as little as $1,200 or just $100 per month by setting up a regular investment plan                       


it could be a tax-effective way to invest and save, if you are in a high tax bracket. If you hold your policy for 10 years and maintain the 125% contribution limit, you won’t pay additional tax on any profits made

Investment choice

you can select from a range of different investment options depending on your needs and switch between options without incurring personal capital gains tax                            

Easy to manage

it's tax paid while you are invested, so there is less paperwork required at tax time                                                                

Flexible access

you can withdraw your money at any time, subject to maintaining a minimum balance of $2,500, however tax implications need to be considered if you choose to withdraw within the first 10 years

Estate planning

you can nominate beneficiaries, who'll receive the proceeds, tax free, should you pass away                             

Get started with an AMP Growth Bond

Investment options

You have the ability to select up to nine investment options, including:

Diversified investment options:

  • AMP All Growth
  • AMP Balanced Growth
  • AMP Capital Dynamic Markets
  • AMP Moderate Growth
  • Future Directions Balanced.

Single-sector investment options:

  • AMP Australian Bond
  • AMP Cash Plus (a capital guaranteed investment)
  • Specialist Australian Share
  • Specialist Property and Infrastructure.

Performance and fees

To stay up to date with how the AMP Growth Bond is tracking, check out:

  • unit prices
  • fund performance
  • investment reports.

There are a range of factors that you should consider when looking at what investment options to choose. Remember, past performance is not necessarily a reliable indicator of future performance.

There are no contribution fees, establishment fee, inbuilt trail commission or switch fees.

Transaction and operational costs may be incurred and reflected in the price of units within your investment.
You may agree with your financial adviser to pay a servicing fee.

Please see the AMP Growth Bond product disclosure statement and refer to section 7 on 'Fees' for more details.

How to manage online

Keep track of your investment in My AMP. With My AMP you can access and manage your AMP Growth Bond at any time. Register or login to My AMP today.

Making contributions

You can check your previous contributions online by logging into My AMP or by contacting us on 133 731, Monday to Friday 8.30am – 7pm (AEST).

Payment method Initial investment Regular Investment Plan (Monthly)  Additional investment 

Make your cheque payable to
'AMP Life Limited – Growth Bond',
and send together with your name,
membership number and account number:AMP Life Limited – AMP Growth Bond

 X  ✓
Direct Debit (i)
Biller Code: 87239 (ii)

Refer to your member statement or within
My AMP under the 'contribution detail' section
for your customer reference number (CRN)

Credit card X

(i) Regular investment plans may be set up via a Direct Debit form available at amp.com.au/forms. Additional investments may also be made by contacting us on 133 731.

(ii) Phone and Internet Banking - BPAY®. Call your bank, credit union or building society to make this payment from your cheque or savings account. To use BPAY®, you will need your unique Customer Reference Number (CRN) as well as our Biller Code. If you do not have a CRN, refer to your Welcome letter or Annual statement or call us on 133 731.

Verifying your identity

If you did not pass the ID verification within the online application form you will need to send in your identity verification documents to the address below (no postage stamp is required). Once we have received your identity verification documents, we will activate your policy within two business days.

AMP Life Limited
New Business Applications
Reply Paid 62990

For more information about the AMP Growth Bond

Monday to Friday
8.30am – 5pm (AEST)

Important Information

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