AMP Bank Access Card PIN

Updating your Access Card PIN online

You can now update your AMP Bank Access Card PIN online.

Simply log into My AMP from our website and select the Manage cards option from the menu. You'll be prompted with a security code challenge to complete the request so keep your mobile phone handy.

This new functionality will also be available in the My AMP apps soon.

How do I update my card PIN using My AMP?

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  • Log into My AMP from our website.
  • Select the 'Manage cards' option from the menu.


  • Click the 'Change PIN' button next to the card that you want to update.

    If it's a new card, you may need to activate it before you see the Change PIN option. If this is the case, the button will instead show as 'Activate'. 


  • Enter your preferred PIN as a four digit number, and then re-enter this number to confirm.

    TIP: For your protection, don't use simple combinations like 9999 or 1234 or a number that can be easily guessed (such as your birth date).
  • Once you click on 'Confirm', you will be presented with a security code challenge so keep your mobile phone handy. Once your PIN has been successfully changed, a confirmation message will displayed.


  • When accessing from a laptop or desk top, the Login button is on the top right hand corner.
  • When accessing from a mobile phone, select the hamburger menu (button with three horizontal lines) and then select Login

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