The Redundancy Support Program

AMP introduces Redundancy Support Program for corporate clients

A helping hand during a difficult time

In the 12 months to February 2013, 381,000 employees (19% of all people who left their job) were retrenched or had their jobs made redundant1.

There are a number of reasons why redundancy is happening – such as a slower run in sales or production, relocation and restructures or business mergers2.

Keeping employees gainfully employed through these periods can be a strain for organisations and sometimes there is a need to let some staff go to keep the business running profitably.

Redundancy can be an emotional and stressful time for retrenched employees. But it can also be a very difficult time for organisations, particularly employers and HR advisers, as they strive to help affected staff through the emotional rollercoaster of an uncertain future.

Support when you need it

For many years, AMP has helped employers with their staff’s super and insurance needs. Now AMP has developed the Redundancy Support Program to support employers by providing education and advice to help their employees manage their money if they are retrenched. Each stage of the program is designed to help guide employees through the redundancy process.

Employees can also take advantage of help from AMP today with a number of tips, checklists, Q&As and articles available on


Why was the service developed?

When a person’s job is made redundant, they are often offered the opportunity to have outplacement services to help them find a new job.

Beyond this, there’s often little to no support for employees to take control of their finances during their career transition. But our new redundancy support program provides employees with access to financial education, support and advice from accredited financial advisers.

The program helps employees understand the advantages of reviewing their super fund before they leave their employer. Employees can talk to a financial adviser about their super benefits, discounts and insurance cover so they know what will happen when they leave the organisation.  

Benefits of the program

  • For employers and HR advisers - training and ongoing support to implement the program
  • For employees - education, support and access to advice from qualified financial advisers.

Why would you use it?

As an employer, you can feel comfortable knowing that the program provides:

  • HR training and support – help for your HR team to understand how the program can help.
  • A redundancy kit – a tailored kit of resources for you to give departing employees covering redundancy payments, benefit entitlements, super and insurance.
  • Managing your money – a tailored program of education and advice that helps all affected employees to understand their options and get the support they need. 

What else?

The next time your organisation needs to be restructured – or, if you just need ongoing support for one or a number of employees - consider the value that the AMP Redundancy Support Program can bring.  

Redundancy is a difficult time for all involved, but the right support can make a difference.

Our support program team is ready to go and we have the flexibility to work with your outplacement provider.

If you would like to know more about our Redundancy Support Program, please contact your AMP account manager for more information.

1 Australian Bureau of Statistics,
2 Fair Work Ombudsman,

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