AMP Notice Account

A nest egg account for those who plan ahead

An AMP Notice Account lets you deposit any amount and earn a great interest rate that is calculated daily and paid monthly. You simply give at least 31 days' notice of withdrawing funds.

You can deposit money any time you like by:

Up to two withdrawals a month (as long as 31 days’ notice has been given) can be paid by:

  • using Secure Message online at My AMP
  • BankFax or Bank Assist
  • writing to us.

The minimum amount you can withdraw each time is $500 (unless your available balance is below $500).

The AMP Notice Account may suit if you’re:

  • able to lock away extra funds to earn a higher rate of interest
  • already an AMP Bank Deposit Account holder
  • able to plan your cash needs at least 31 days in advance
  • a business that can predict your incoming revenue against costs.

Here’s what you get:

  • Minimum Margin above the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) variable cash rate
  • access to funds with at least 31 days' notice
  • no Account management fees and no minimum opening deposit
  • deposits direct to your linked AMP Bank Deposit Account.
2.15% pa Effective 20/02/2017

For any help or questions, call us on:

13 30 30

Monday to Friday
8.00am – 8pm (AEST)
Saturday and Sunday
9am – 5pm (AEST)

Lost / Stolen Cards 24 hours 7 days


Get a competitive rate

An AMP Notice Account pays you a competitive rate of interest with:

  • Minimum Margin above the RBA cash rate
  • no ongoing Account management fees
  • no minimum opening amount and balances up to $20 million per customer name ($10 million for financial institutions).
  • interest calculated daily, paid monthly
  • minimum 31 days’ notice to withdraw funds (to an eligible AMP Deposit Account).

Effective date 20 February 2017

You can deposit as many times as you like without penalty.

Interest rates and Minimum Margin are subject to change. Withdrawals require at least 31 days’ notice and are subject to conditions outlined in the AMP Notice Account product disclosure statement. This is available to all customers.

Accounts Interest rate
Minimum Margin of 0.65%  
Standard rate for all balances(i) 2.15% pa

(i) A Minimum Margin above the RBA cash rate applies to the rate of interest on your account.

A little planning goes a long way with an AMP Notice Account. When you deposit funds—any time, any amount, by electronic transfer or by cheque—you’ll start earning a competitive variable interest rate at Minimum Margin above the RBA cash rate.

This earning power comes with a simple condition: you must give at least 31 days’ notice to withdraw funds by transfer to your linked eligible AMP Bank Deposit Account:


Apply now

It’s easy to open an AMP Notice Account. You can:

  • download an Application form
  • call us on 13 30 30
    Monday to Friday 8.30am – 8pm (AEST)
    Saturday and Sunday 9am – 5pm (AEST)
  • talk to an AMP financial adviser.

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