We’re making some changes to the AMP Saver Account Rewards Rules – Deposit & Wealth Bonus Interest (Rewards Rules)

The changes provide further detail of the eligibility criteria, as well as when the Bonus Interest is paid and how we’ll let you know of any changes to the Rewards Rules. The changes include the following:

  • To receive the Deposit Bonus and the Wealth Bonus, the AMP Saver Account that earned the interest must be open when each of the Deposit Bonus and the Wealth Bonus are paid.
  • In the month that Bonus Interest is paid, it will be credited to your account by the tenth (10th) calendar day.
  • To be eligible for the Wealth Bonus, both the AMP Saver account and the eligible Wealth product must be visible at the same time via the same My AMP login.
  • The eligible Wealth product must be held in the same capacity as your AMP Saver Account (e.g. if your AMP Saver Account is held in your personal name, your eligible Wealth product must also be held in the same capacity, and not in another capacity such as a trustee of a trust, as a joint account holder, as a sole trader or a beneficiary of an SMSF).
  • Any AMP Saver Account or eligible AMP Wealth product opened near the end of a calendar month, may not be visible in My AMP until the following calendar month. If this occurs, then the relevant AMP Saver Rewards will not apply to the AMP Saver Account until the following calendar month.
  • Before we make any changes to the AMP Saver Rewards, we will let you know about the changes in accordance with the Deposit products terms and conditions.
  • If you engage in any activity which, in our opinion, is not consistent with the spirit of the Saver Rewards, we may close your AMP Saver Account(s), suspend or cease applying Saver Rewards to your AMP Saver Account and reverse any Saver Rewards previously applied.

Full details of the changes are in the Rewards Rules. These are effective from 1 December 2021 and apply to your AMP Saver Account. Please take the time to read the Rewards Rules, available at amp.com.au/bankterms