Let the World Cup inspire your finances!

There’s no escaping the World Cup this month. So why not embrace football fever and get inspired by the beautiful game with these tips that could help you get ahead in the money game.

The coach

This is the person who pulls everything together and gives great tactical advice. Your financial planner can play the same role and craft your game plan. You can find a local financial planner who specialises in helping people just like you at amp.com.au/findaplanner.

The goalkeeper

Your last line of defence when things get tough. A bit like insurance—it may not be the most exciting area of your team, but it can save the day. And if injury time is played, income protection could come in very handy. You can find out more about AMP’s insurance offering at amp.com.au/insurance.

The striker

They need to be in the right place at the right time to score the goals. And you need to make sure you’re in the right position to hit your retirement target and score your dream financial future.

The offside rule

Even the best players in the world get caught offside. And even the best savers can overspend. So when budgeting don’t get ahead of yourself. Always check your financial position so unexpected costs don’t get away from you.  AMP’s Budget Planner can help get you started at http://www.amp.com.au.

Own goal

Scoring an own goal can leave you with a mountain to climb—just like having more than one super account can potentially affect your retirement savings. Think about consolidating your super so you’re not paying multiple sets of fees. At AMP we can help you bring all your super together into your AMP super account.

Yellow card

There is good debt and bad debt. One way to think about your home loan is as your ‘yellow card debt’—you’re on warning that you’ve taken a risk but you can keep on playing and be a winner. But don’t over extend yourself otherwise you may be sent off.

Red card

And then there is bad debt. Think of your credit card as your ‘red card debt’—it’s really not good, and you need to put your spending on the sideline until it’s gone.

So while you’re watching the World Cup, start kicking your financial goals and you could come out a winner.

What you need to know

Any advice in this article is general and does not take into account your personal circumstances so before making any decisions, consider your circumstances and the relevant product disclosure statements.